New Blog Layout

Hey everyone! Is it just me, or does have a new layout? It looks sooo cool!

Its not bad. I sort of liked the older one better.

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It looks awesome, but I would prefer it not to use so many flashy colors.

Still, it’s OK.

Eh. Like @Roughshod, I like the old one better. It seemed more clean and easier to access, and the new layout is too dark and damp for my taste.

I like it though like @EpicDwarf said kinda flashy colors. could tone the yellow down just a smidge but toherwise its fits the game well :smiley:

I actually like it. It very much fits the game’s UI, and whilst the background colours are a little dingy, I wouldn’t say there are really any “flashy colours” :stuck_out_tongue:

They just killed the update, it’s back to the old blank blog again.

EDIT: And now it’s back.

Could you post a screenie? I’m not getting it on my side…

EDIT: Never mind :stuck_out_tongue:! It looks like we’re stuck with the gloomy website update.

Huh? Not for me it’s not…

I don’t know why, but Discourse is convinced in not letting me post screenshots, I can’t figure out how to do it :frowning:

ooooooh, i quite like it! using the same (recent) UI elements really helps tie the game and site together… :+1:

i think the CSS is updating, based on time of day (brighter theme during the day, darker theme at night)?? i’ve done my fair share of CSS slinging, and i’ve never heard of that (if this is indeed happening)… either way, looks great! :smile:

I do like the lighting effect when it’s ether day or night.

I still don’t like how it is too colorful. I like colorful things, but it’s nice for it to look a little bland, just like how the older layout was.

Is it just me or does anybody else is missing a link to discourse on the new front page? :stuck_out_tongue:

I always start with the dev blog every morning (right now ;-)) and then jump to the forums …

Anyway, both layouts are ok for me, as many sites and OS tend to change to the white design, more colors seems like a good variety for my eyes :wink:

Really liked the new design :thumbsup: Keep it! :blush:

But I have the same use pattern as @Thomas, I check the blog for updates and then directly head on to this forum with the quick link up to the right. This is one extra click (and one extra page load), so it’s noticable and I miss the old link.

the new design seems more compatible with the theme of the game.
one thing to note is that the site is responsive so browsing on your mobile device is easy as pi

@SteveAdamo basically there is a piece of code on the site in javascript most likely which takes your system time and then distributes the correct style sheet depending on the time of day. its a nice little touch

I like it. It does seem to tie in with the game graphics. Good plan.

I’m iffy on the design; I think the old one was cleaner and easier to read. The background is too busy and distracts the eye.

Also, as others have mentioned above, the discourse link is hidden under community under an ‘Us’ category, which I originally read as US (as in United States) which got me hella confused. Bumping the forum up as a header navigation item would be super helpful!

Maybe if the background had a blur or something - But I also think Community should link to the Discourse, as it is official, and perhaps another community/fan site section. It’s not bad in my opinion though. ^^

yeah, i have an idea of how its pulled off, i’ve just never thought to do something similar in my design days… which irks me… :smile:

as for the community link, i think its in an effort by Radiant to show that there will be multiple ways to join the discussion around the game (much like you see with the minecraft community page)…

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What I’d like is the discourse link to be actually prominent in the page, like the old website layout. I didn’t realize that the website’s brightness changed with time, though. That’s a pretty cool feature

speaking of which, there was mention of a special kickstarter beta forum. is that legend or fact?