New website page

I just saw the fancy new layout for the website. looking good looking good :wink: cant wait to see what else you guys have up you’re sleeves


Huhhhhhh? o.O where did you see this?

it’s a secret… don’t bring forth @brad’s wrath! he’s wrathful!! :smile:


i was gonna post this, but i had to go to supper :laughing:

also, perhaps it should be under Development?

Ahh its ok, food gets me every time as well :pizza:


everyone liesssssssss! :angry:

food… foodfooooood!!!

:pizza: :hamburger: :fries: :doughnut: :bread: :poultry_leg: :meat_on_bone: :spaghetti: :curry: :fried_shrimp: :sushi: :ramen: :stew: :icecream: :cake: :strawberry: :custard: :watermelon: :corn: :bento: :fish_cake: :rice_ball: :rice_cracker: :rice: :oden: :dango: :egg: :ice_cream: :shaved_ice: :birthday: :cookie: :chocolate_bar: :candy: :honey_pot: :lollipop: :apple: :melon: :peach: :green_apple: :tangerine: :cherries: :grapes: :lemon: :banana: :pear: :pineapple: :sweet_potato: :eggplant: :tomato:

sorry, what were we talking about?

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Yes, the cat’s out of the bag. On the other hand, we opened the bag.
The new website is propagating now… everyone should be able to see it either this evening or tomorrow morning latest.
Let us know what you think!


@SteveAdamo: what do you mean I’m wrathful? That’s 10 demerits for you, mister.


Im gonna cry if i don’t figure out why I can see it on my phone but not my computer :cry: WHY BRAD WHY!?!?! Give me your internet knowledge!

I seriously thought this was a conspiracy against me… xD Even ask @Pandemic :laughing:


The ways of the InterTubes are dark and mysterious. Who know why things happen as they do? Rest assured that the new site should appear on all your devices soon… (if you’re not seeing it by tomorrow morning, you may need to clear your cache).


Try Ctrl-F5 on the page. It’ll load the latest version fresh from the interwebs instead of a cached version… At least it did for me.


CONSPIRACY!!! Like Jason Bourne… but you know… internety? CONSPIRACY!!!

The website looks awesome!

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Hey, is anyone having problems making comments on the dev blog posts in the new site? I don’t see any comments and it doesn’t seem to be letting me log in to make a comment myself.

A bug that i’ve noticed… The twitch link, just takes you to a page that doesn’t exist on the website…
After clicking it several times this is how my URL looks…

I noticed that the link seems to get rid of /stonehearth and add / to the URL everytime its clicked.

Hah, looks like it was written as a relative url instead of an absolute one.

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Another little bug i found was that the connection to disqus seems to be nonfunctional. Loggin in on the disqus site works just fine. On the new stonehearth site on the other hand even after posting as a guest the message “wrong API Key” appears. … And yes i cleared my cookies and cache. :smile:
May be worth looking into…?

Regardless… IT’s LOOKING GREAT brad. Good job!

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thanks for all the feedback folks! the new site does look fantastic, amirite? :wink:

as for the issues here and there, I believe @brad and co. are still fine tuning the site, but please do post up those bugs you come across! :+1:


first of all, I’ve been lurking (and sometimes actively posting) since the early kickstarter days, so I’ve seen all the versions of the blog, and i think you did great job with the new website. i really like the look of it and it will definitely help new players :+1:

i did found a few technical problems though and missing important information (in my opinion), i also have a few suggestions. so here is my list:

problems and missing info

  • there are some duplicate pictures in the gallery (not hard to fix i imagine).
  • the page numbers at the bottom of the dev blog are really hard to read (at least for me).
  • for some reason pictures in older posts in the dev blog do not appear (again, at least for me).
  • poor tony, doesn’t get any credit for streaming on Wednesdays :worried:
  • i think its really important to add radiant’s definition of alpha, beta and full release to the “release proses” section, just to avoid any confusion.
  • maybe its intentional, but i can’t find any link to the wiki.


  • what about adding a “wallpapers” section to the media? i miss the concept-art pictures from the old gallery, plus you can add there all the different backgrounds from all the alphas :grinning:
  • you probably thought about this already, but what about a “modding” section where you can find popular mods, official radiant posts and guides for modding and interesting forum threads that are related to modding?
  • since modding is such a big focus of the game maybe adding “mod” title the the welcome message on the starting page will be smart? where you describe how radiant have built their on engine with focus on modding and encourage people to try and mod the game?

the last problem i have is probably a personal preference thing, but as much as i love green i find it a bit overwhelming when i scroll down the dev blog or the starting page and there is no other colors to break it (especially in the starting page) :confused: that said it not too bad.

other than those small things the new website is awesome, and i wish you the best of luck entering steam early access :smiley: :+1: