Crafter needs better AI

Just noticed on a new town now that your crafters do not take the materials from the closest location they just randomly selects the resource they need not caring if it’s close enough atleast not if it’s inside a normal stockpile zone

He skipped the clay he has right next to him while working to go fetch clay far down in the cave instead

That’s what he’s about to craft

Seems to be a bit random what he takes.
Perhaps ai think what’s underneath is closer even tho its actually father away?

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From what I have seen, crafters do default to the supply bins. But yeah they kind of run all over the place.

Including other towns to use someone else’s crafting station (that one smells better it seems)


They actually do that atm? :smiley:

My guess would be,that he did that because the clay in the cave needed to be stored and then directly used it in crafting.
Well that is one of the reasons they added supply basins, racks and so on.

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Yep, had an adjacent village to my gf’s village. They tended to use each others crafting station. Had a high speed road between villages so it wasn’t too bad but every day they went up and down it like commuters lol


Best keep those supply racks close then. Would be nice if they could do the same with all kinds of storage tho with taking what’s closest as a crafter but not prioritize those normal storage items / tool.

I noticed also that crafters current tasks are very often wrongly named when they craft most of the time it does not say that they are crafting but other tasks when they craft.

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