A23 (771) Crafters choosing materials out in the open rather than ones in the box next to their workbench

The title says it all.

I’m not sure if this has been reported yet, or is a recent addition to the bug collection, but it’s bugging me quite a lot.

Basically, even if the crafter has a box full of the goods he/she needs right next to their workbench, they will go out to the forest/mine/recent battefield ten-bazzillion miles away for the thing, wasting a ton of their time.


:disappointed_relieved: Oh no! Tried reproducing in an old savefile using r771 but the carpenter went to the closest ingredients from his current location. Is this in a new game or in a loaded game?

Do you have a screenshot or savefile to show how far were the workbench from the ingredients and the place that the crafter went to?

This is indeed a new bug, there were some changes related to storage in this last build. I recently noticed similar behavior than what you mentioned, and verified the fix today, but it’s in one of our internal branches, so not sure when it will be merged and released, given we’re already in the holidays :confused:

This is in a rather new save. (Created a day or two ago, but didn’t play it until today). The behavior is present in other games too.

Here’s a screenshot and a save file below it (hopefully it’s the right one :smiley: )

1513886152849.zip (4.9 MB)


Yes! My mason seems to have the same issue. In a loaded game.