Errors involving Crafters

[Alpha 8 build 2083]
I noticed in my last 2 games 2 bugs with the crafters I don’t know if they are related because the first bug didn’t happen in my second game.

First Bug: In my first game I had the crafting station right next to the stockpile (the crafter stood on the stockpile to craft) and for some reason he kept double stacking items on the pile like the first item wasn’t there.

Second Bug: In both games I noticed that when the crafter was done crafting an item he would drop it on the floor at his feet. Sometimes he would pick it up before he would go to the stockpile and sometimes he would just walk to the stockpile I noticed this because I keep my raw materials separate from my finished products so when the crafter was making empty handed trips to the finished product pile I observed the error.

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hey there @GeyserGod … welcome aboard! :smile:

any chance you could grab some screenshots for any of the reports you submitted today? feel free to toss them up on and we can get them embedded directly for you… :+1:

its also a good idea to try and capture as much information as you can from the bug report template, in order to help the team resolve the issue… thanks!