Post bugs here?

Hey does it help the developers, if I post screen shots of bug messages I encounter while playing?

Yes, along with the version you’re using and what caused the bug / how to recreate it.

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hey there @HeyRobert … welcome aboard!

@BrianNZ mentioned, the more information you can provide, the easier it is for the team to narrow down and resolve the issue… here’s a template we ask folks to follow when submitting a report:

Example bug report

Bug : Opening crafting window from carpenter “craft” icon does nothing

I was trying to open the carpenter’s craft window in order to tell him to create 2 new tables. When the unit was selected, his unit info UI appeared but clicking the saw icon beside his name did not bring up the screen that would let me select what I wanted him to create. Clicking on the icon didn’t produce an error, it simply failed to generate any reaction from the unit (as if the command wasn’t being registered).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select Stendor Markon (the carpenter)
  2. Once selected, click the saw icon from his unit frame
  3. Watch as it looks like the action is registered (quick animation), but the screen never comes up

Expected Results:
I expected the carpenter UI screen to appear.

Actual Results:
The UI screen is not appearing, though it looks like the button click was picked up.

It may be nothing, but I also noticed that when the saw icon was selected, the unit would start a walking animation each time, but it would end abruptly.

I’ve attached my most recent save file, with the unit in question standing near the carpenter’s workbench.

bug-report-sample-attachment.txt (27 Bytes)

Versions and Mods:
I’m running Stonehearth v0.1.45 and have no additional mods running during this save game.

System Information:
Windows 7 Enterprise 64 | AMD dual core proc | 4GB system memory | nVidia 9500 GT

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Could it be a feasible explanation if I just posted a brief video (youtube video) of the bug as well as recreating it?

of course adding version system etc. in a “new post”

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absolutely! a video obviously goes a long way towards showcasing a particular bug… :+1:

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Sweet! sounds like a plan. Thank you!

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is Radiant part of stonehearth or is that a extra mod?

I believe it’s the core set of features in Stonehearth, just above the engine itself, while Stonehearth contains all the assets and AI and whatnot for the game.

alright, so its not a mod then xD, i was just woundering, i was using some mods, but i had a bad breaking game so im playing again without any mods

Most, if not all, features of Stonehearth are implemented as mods. You would be correct in saying that it’s a mod; however, it’s not an “extra” mod, as it’s required by the base game.

Ahhh i see, but most extra mods, depending on which i wouldn’t use because then you don’t know what is causing the bug xD

Edit: as there are too many bugs at the moment to begin with