Alpha 7 Bug Thread

No ones made one yet…

  1. Still no leather armor
    I explained the problem in the last thread.
  2. Shepherd
    Runs in circles when herding and in slow motion when attacked. R.I.P.
    3.Brick Roads
    Workers use stone to build brick roads.

Any more?

Footmen commit suicide at level 3…

Also possible is that the footmen was killed indirectly by the sheep, lots of people have had that problem :smile:

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Heh, maybe. We’ll never know, yet Teenage Mutant Ninja Sheep is a possibility. :wink:

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Got an issue trying to build a stone building. When I was putting on the roof the red message box came up, and now the whole area is unusable as I can’t delete the building planned there. Upon reload it’s just a dug out floor plan in the build menu, but an open field in regular view. Remove does nothing.

thanks for the feedback folks… but let’s submit one bug per thread…

easier to track and manage that way! :+1:

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I thought you wanted all the bugs in 1 thread?

Hmmm… I tried that, yet that didn’t happen for me… :neutral_face:

no sir… it makes the thread a little unwieldy, and makes it difficult for the developers to manage and for others to contribute (confirming a particular bug)… ideally, its one post per bug, using the requested format here:

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OK, thanks for the thread! :smile: