"Craft As Many as Possible" Button

It’d be nice to implement a button for all crafting menus that says “craft all” or something similar, so you don’t have to click so many times to craft a huge number of items (say smelting 40 iron bars, etc.) Instead of having to click the little arrow 40 times, you could just click a button that calculates how many of that item that villager can make with how many supplies are ready, and boom you’re smelting 40 iron bars.

Such a function actually exists already – instead of clicking the arrow to the right to increase the quantity by 1, click it to the left. Once you you go below 0, you’ll “wrap around” to the maximum number that you can currently afford to craft :merry:


at one point I thought you could craft more then 100 per ‘order’ now it seems its limited to 99

And if you need a specific high value, like 35 for example, you can simple type it.


Wasn’t aware you could do that. Thanks a lot!