Crafter maximum and going 'left' on crafting amount

I’ve been playing Starbound for the past few weeks. There’s one feature that particularly adds to the crafting menu’s ease of use:

When crafting, subtracting from 1x item brings you to the max number of that item you can make, based on your inventory.

e.g. if you need 1 wood to create a wood block and you have 46 wood, clicking left on the wood block crafting multiplier will make it jump from 1x to 46x.

My suggestion is to set a cap on the amount per crafting order to a dozen (or something else that’s manageable) so that when you want to make ten windows, you don’t need to click the right arrow ten times, but rather left three times. Crafting more than 12 items is as simple as making a second order. I know some people had suggested the option for getting the crafters to make as many of an item as they have resources, but I don’t see much use for this in Stonehearth…

Anyway… Fewer clicks = better gameplay!

N.B. I don’t think the maintain in stockpile command would benefit from a maximum as it’s a calculated set-and-forget order.


hmm… perhaps a bakers dozen, so that way if you get a fine chair you still get your dozen normal chairs.

[quote=“phector2004, post:1, topic:12130”]
you don’t need to click the right arrow ten times, but rather left three times.
[/quote]you can click the text box that has the amount and actually type in 10 instead of clicking a whole bunch of times :wink:

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But the textboxes are finicky guis. See what I did there? Sometimes you have to press enter or their value doesn’t save. Also, in the past at least, doing this triggered some of the hotkeys.


Uggghhhh!!! Masochist!!!

What about add/subtract “x” number buttons for the order? You could have “1”, “5”, “10”…maybe “25” or even “100”?

I’d hate to be the Carpenter that gets stuck with making 200 pieces of fence.


I often tell my crafters to make a couple dozen (or even 100s of thousands). I just have my carpenter default to making shields if he doesn’t have anything else to make. I have my mason make dozens of pieces of fencing or a couple dozen chairs, and I’ve given my blacksmith orders over 60 a couple of times. I’d like to be able to tell my blacksmith to just smelt as many bars as he can and its annoying to have to check my inventory over and over again to figure out what he can make, so clicking left to craft the max would be great and a second arrow to +10 would be nice too.


I’ve also noticed it can be annoying to try selling things at 10 at a time. If I want to sell my 2000 hunks of stone, it would take 200 clicks…


Keep in mind that merchants likely won’t have infinite gold in the finished game!

I doubt they’d have enough money to buy 2000 hunks of stone… maybe only 100


2000 hunks of stone is only work 4000 gold. 100 is only worth 200 gold. There are items worth over about 400 gold - I would imagine that they would be able to buy at least one of those. Even if they only had 1000 gold, that would be 50 clicks to sell 500 hunks o stone.

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Yeah, it seems we should get a textbox for that at least.

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I like this idea, and have a related one.
Some items like silkweed, copper and tin ore only have one use.
Turn into thread, copper bar, tin bar, ect.
I would like to see a ‘auto start’ option for some craft items. (like auto loom in dwarf fortress) If your workstation goes idle, it checks to see if an action is possible. If so, make one request.

For instance, the anvil goes idle, and you have what you need to make a steel bar. Queue one steel bar.
The weaver goes idle, you have silkweed in stock. Make one thread.

You would need to be able to toggle it on and off.