Choosing number of items to craft using the arrow on left side

I was thinking, some games I’ve played hadthe option to press the arrow that decreases how much you want of an item and put it at the most you can, if you’re at 1 or 0 items.

Instance: I have this

And when I press the arrows on the left side of the number I’d like to get this


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before opening a new thread for this, i’ll summon this out of the graveyard …

Instead of using the left arrow, perhaps we could use more arrwos on the right side. for increasing by

1 Step
10 steps
all possible items

Or … there will be a new job, the administrator ( or somehow … ) wich is no crafting job, it’s a deskjob for getting an overlook over our production chains.
How many flowers in wich time for example
and now we could tell the admin little chainorders, what to do with all these tiny flowers, like “when 40 Flowers in Inventory, than start production of 20 little health potion + start production of 10 pots of flower + hold 10 flower in inventory”.
And the admin gives a new interface with production stats, times etc. …
It could be an gameinterface from the begining, but i think it would feel better, if it’s an optional job.

Ok … a bit much, but a button for producing all ppssible items would be nice ;D

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the left-arrow for max crafting is already implemented. FYI you are able to type a number in the box for custom orders

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oh rly? … damn … should more often the patch notes ^^’

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