Double Click Crafting

First, I’d like to say it’s been a long time since I last played and I am wowwed by the major improvements! Seems to run on my machine like a charm, now, and my workers aren’t as dumb! :smiley:

First idea that came to me was that it’s a little tedious having to select a crafting station or craftsman and then click again to open the crafting menu. It’d be nice if we could quickly double click to open it!


While at that, allow doubleclicking of a recipe to add a single production run to the queue. As opposed to having to click the recipe, move the mouse, and click the production start button. Sometimes I don’t need to specify a quantity! :wink:


+1 to both suggestions!

While it’s important for the crafting process to be very clear for new users, it gets a bit tedious as you’ve both mentioned. More advanced players would, I’m sure, greatly appreciate the quicker crafting shortcut; especially when we’re in the middle of a large build and just want to add a couple of food items or profession talismans to the queue so that the town keeps ticking over smoothly in the background.

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