Ease of Access for Crafting Menus

First off- this game is so much fun! :smiley: I play mostly on peaceful as I find great joy in mastering the basic mechanics and collecting lots, and lots, and lots of gold. :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the ear flicks I’ve noticed that I would like to offer a suggestion for is an easier way to get to the crafting menus after clicking on the item/structure on the map which represents the craft. For example, if I click on the Stone Cauldron, I’d like the cooking menu to show up rather than needing to go to the bottom left and click the anvil to open the screen.


When your biggest concern is being able to craft effectively, I can see this being something desirable, but personally I disagree. I find that when it comes to building or moving items around in the world, the UI is cluttered enough. When I want to move a crafting station, it would be annoying to me to have such a big menu come up every time I selected it, and then have to squash it in order to get my space back.

One alternative I might recommend to you in the short term is to get accustom to using the crafting UI that’s a part of the default town interface (the anvil at the bottom of your screen). This allows access to the other crafting menus without having to seek out the actual bench, which I’ve come to prefer in my gameplay.


I understand what you mean. :slight_smile: To refine my request a bit, I think I’d like it to be an option that can be toggled on and off from within the settings. I do use the UI you’ve mentioned- but would like there to not be a double click if I find the specific piece of hardware that is related to the craft.

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