Crafting menu: sub choices popup menu?

Simple idea, that will mainly be used for future mods (you guys don’t have the time for full execution, I know this)

Currently, say you want to craft an item, you go to the crafter ui and just click the item you want. Done.
But say a modder makes a variation on thst item: it gets added to the list as a seperate item, cluttering the crafting ui.

Proposed ui change/addition: the option to, when clicking an item, get a small popup box of all variation. Items in it, and only one clicking thst would an item be chosen/made (this box should ofc only appear once an item has been chosen.

This would keep the crafting ui clean, even with a bunch of mods (especially those that add like 11 colored versions of items) or, for instance, if a modder huddles its items under an “item” called (modders name) - 's items, so the crafting ui doesn’t get flooded with stuff?

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Can totally be modded in as a full replacement for the current crafting UI. That whole thing is just a thousand lines of code or so, and completely modular.

Good to know!
Not that I know how to do css and related stuff, but oh well! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would be interested in building this as a “modder’s mod” if I thought that future modder’s would use it


I totally would, and I guess others would aswell especially @Kittyodoom style mods would benefit (mods with loads of stuff and customisations)
It would also be good for swords with different designs, but the same stats for example. Or shields with different designs on the front


That sounds absolutely amazing <3

I mean, if I can get both of you to make an unbreakable blood oath to list it as a dependency for your mods, I will try and get something done after I get version 3 of my traits mod out. (Assuming that it looks and feels good, ofc)

It would be a beautiful fit for an update of my Bunny mod :smiley:

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Nice, but I was thinking about something different: an ability to toggle through various entities while placing the ghost item. Having one fence iconic which is changed to one of the versions while placed would remove the need for separate long, short and corner piece recipes.

The downside there is it doesn’t allow a use case of sub choices with different (but presumably similar) recepies: e.g. Different color beds made with different colored cloth

and that was exactly the kind of stuff i was hoping for.
@ dependancy oath: sure man…as soon as i get stonehearth to actually run again (back from vacation atm, doing 600 piles of laundry etc and my pc still shouts that stonehearth is doing access violations. still trying to find a way around completely re-installing windows…but i think that may have to be the case…)

edit: 10000 hours in MS paint grapicalally crappy illustation for clarity

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Your nested and unclosed parentheses make my skin crawl :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


bugfixed my answer :’)

I don’t think I like the idea of having dyes in the game, this is a step towards minecraftisation of SH (yuk!).

The beauty of mods pawel!
I wouldn’t go for dyes myself but someone might like them.
Then again I would like shields with different motief or beds with different carvings. And stuff


I mean, I don’t think that it would be too far out of the vision of the game :wink:
I can imagine lots of people would like to be able to color scheme rooms, rather than being forced to have green beds and blue curtains!

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I agree with Pawel, I prefer the horizontally of our crafting where everything is just one recipe away.
But this suggestion was not about the specific color mod, it is more about clustering all similar items under one “parent” or “default” item. For example, if you have an oak chair, and an identical acacia chair, it would be nice to have a single item, a chair icon, that once clicked (in the crafting menu, not in the world) offered an “alternate” style for it.


But the related question is:
“should this mod inforce that all items in a category have identical recepies”
Or, more broadly “Should the mod inforce any relationship between the items in a category or leave it entirely up to the modder’s discretion"?

I don’t understand. If you click in an item, it will show other items that are registered as identical. SO if an item is not, it would simple appear as its own icon.

(emphasize mine)

Wouter’s suggestion is about having the UX have one item, once clicked, expand into a list of “sub items”. He did not say anything about those items being “identical”, only having some relationship

The only question I am bringing up is asking if we should enforce some level of similarity between items that are “registered as identical”. As in, the way the UX is designed may be slightly different if the recipes for “identical” items are the same.

My opinion would be just to have it as a JSON key and leave it up to modders to mark things however they see fit