Another option for Crafting Quantities

“Craft X Now”
“Keep X in Inventory”

How about:
“Craft until X Ingredients Remaining”

This last option would be really useful for me with Weavers making Thread and Cloth, and Herbalists making potions. I find that my town inventory ends up filled with flowers, silkweed, and animal pelts, and only when I notice that a bunch of stuff is getting left lying around or loot is not collected do I realize that it’s been forty minutes since I told me herbalist to use up all the flowers and all my crates are full of them.

You could accomplish a similar thing, if not quite as powerful or flexible, by adding an “Infinite” option to “Keep X in Inventory.” But “Craft until X Ingredients Remaining” is better overall. Here’s why:

  • Set X at 0 to ensure that all of a given resource type is used up as it becomes available. This would be functionally the same as “Keep Infinite in Inventory”
  • Set X at a natural number value to refrain from using some ingredients for keeping them available for other uses down the road. e.g.: Craft cloth until 3 ingredients remaining leaves 3 spools of thread around for making armour, leather, or other items as they are needed.

While ultimately, it would be awesome for multiple ingredient items to set the threshold for each ingredient individually (“Craft comfy beds until you have 0 mean beds and 3 cloth remaining”), I’m not sure the current UI design would allow for an easy way to do that. As a compromise, having X represent the number of each ingredient that is to remain. “Craft comfy beds until 3 Ingredients Remaining” would stop when you have either 3 mean beds or 3 cloth or both.


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In general, this can be useful, so why not?

Given how I personally play the game though, I wouldn’t consider it wise for my playstyle.

It would be nice to have an easy way to alter current jobs in the queue and maybe display “keep x of y in stock” in another queue.