Crafting Option

When crafting a lot of items (I am using cloth as an example, as it is a “premium” resource in the early stages), one possible instruction type could be “Build max for current resources”, or something similar. Meaning, if I have a dozen or so threads which only results in 4 cloth, it would just build those 4 and move on when it is done.

Currently you can tell it to build as many cloth as you like without regard for how many threads you have and once you run out of resources the build instruction hangs around and never moves to the next instruction in the que.


To clarify, this would only take inventory of current resources at the time the order was made, and not continue making more as more resources become available? Otherwise I suppose it would just be an “infinite” order (which actually might also be an interesting suggestion).

Interesting suggestion. Sounds very practical to me :slight_smile:


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