Workers not restocking/ moving items

Hi guys

I’m on the latest branch
My workers would rather be idle than restock items

I’ve tried isolating them with only the resource and storage chests, they would restock for a little bit then just stand around being idle, they would still do other tasks like build ladders but would just go back to idle after

Also, I would try to fill up chests with resources from far away, then move it to the center of the town and make the chest hold nothing, but it takes forever to empty out because the hearthlings don’t want to haul things

I have better stockpiles and some other mods installed, but that’s the only mod I can think of that might affect restocking
Is there anyway I can fix this?


Can you try without the better stockpiles mod? If that doesn’t fix it, can you please upload a savegame where this bug occurs?

I’ll try that
I had the mod installed from the very beginning of this save and I don’t think this was a problem before (forgot to mention that)
I currently have 39 hearthlings right now so it might also be a numbers thing…? the processes bar still shows lots of idle tho so idk

The restocking system was rewritten almost from scratch in the last release for performance reasons, so it may have new issues, or it might no longer be compatible with some old mods.

ah, that might be why then
it’s a pretty old save

new game with the mod works fine
i think its just the save then

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear that it works on a new game, but if you are willing to share the save, it might help us figure out why it’s not working on that one - the system is intended to be backward-compatible.


for sure

I have a lot of mods installed so that’s probably going to give a lot of errors on start

Do you constantly play at x2 or x3 speed?

nope, i always play at normal speed after the first bit of grinding and building
i pause a lot to make sure the processes keep up too (habit from using a slow computer)

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Hi Max, I also currently have a problem with a save file. My save file was made on this update and I have no mods installed whatsoever.

My town is far smaller than OP’s and my issues started in the recent update. Symptoms are idle workers, an almost completely unresponsive footman (ignore an attack completely and didn’t respond when I laid down attack flags) and stockpiles and containers that fail to work.

My issues started after I placed a bunch of large crates in the cave under the town. I had set their filters to accept no more items in the hope of removing the boxes and getting my town back to normal, but they were too idle to do it.

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heyho i can confirm this bug - we have played a multiplayergame and after some time this happened all of us. the hearthlings does still all other works but doesnt want to restock or move items.

i will ask the host for the savegame and the included mods.

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Thanks for the saves! I was able to reproduce the issue on @Spirit’s save, and will let you know when it’s fixed.


ok issue still exist in 849 and there is now a new ai error with lit and sit firepit - lorki will upload the savegame

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We caught the firepit error.

both in SP / MP?

The savefile will be useful, thanks.

The save to Wiese2007s Post:

MP is the Problem SP unknowing for me

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sp not tested atm - will test it

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soo deepmun 24 with 14 hearthlings and expect from the firepit ai errors and some soundlooping issues - no problem with restocking

hearthlings still goes idle in latest version :’(
pausing hauling and resuming seems to reset them for a bit but they go idle again after

hi, this is something ive been shouting about for months, years. its an issue when you get into 30 hearthlings, and block off enemies. if you build walls with doors, it seems fine.

on peaceful, its an issue of 30 hearthlings, but latest build today, im testing more

added ladders to bypass walls, nothings changed
i dont think this is the same problem, i’ve built off towns before and never had this problem