A few Bugs i found in 20 hours gameplay and 4 games

Dear DEV`s

Seems like in the Latest branch of steam are much bugs included.

-Traders come back in 0 hours
-Only trader (in my saved games) is rugged survival
-Invaders up to 20 !? on day 15
-More than 15 heartlings are not possible (4 save games 16. is buggy and doesnt do anything)
-If heartlings start to build a house and you want to edit it, heartlings take the latest -finished- work of you and dont mind to take care of your fresh edits
-Cook items wont be able to store in crates until you havent any stockpile with the filter for non-food in it
-ALL items are shown in inventory, dont mind if they are in use in a building or not (!!! - please… fix this <.<)
-Mining on ground is in a mountain is okay, but not if you mine in the area above, the dont want to climb ladders or stairs to mine up there
-Daylie update - if you press accept withut waiting for the summery, you will hear the “loosing sound” - dont know how to call that

------------------------- Bugs which appear sometimes ----------------------------

-Items are buggy, if heartlings want to take them, they are frozen until death after then another heartling came there, want to take them and so…
-“Undeploy” Action doesnt do anything if you “Move Item” allready, it could DISAPPEAR
-Random Ores are often ALL the same. No iron and coal together in mountains
-Sometimes the Carpenter and the farmers stop their work and help the workers build anything until you get them any other job on the workshop (yes they have all ressources for that’)

Another thing is, everytime i load a game this appears.

develop-2513 (x64)
stonehearth/services/server/town/town.luac:54: attempt to index field '_task_groups' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
	[C]: ?
	stonehearth/services/server/town/town.luac:54: in function 'create_task_for_group'
	stonehearth/ai/observers/fill_storage_observer.luac:18: in function '_create_worker_task'
	stonehearth/ai/observers/fill_storage_observer.luac:12: in function '_update_worker_task'
	stonehearth/ai/observers/fill_storage_observer.luac:4: in function <stonehearth/ai/observers/fill_storage_observer.luac:3>
develop-2513 (x64)
c++ exception: lua runtime error
stack traceback:

This one is known and they are working on a fix.

That could be pure luck (which trader and when is mostly randomly determined). I’ve gotten a few different traders with a game started in the newest version.

Sounds like a bug. You’ve probably noticed some changes in the way the campaign operates already. This may be a result of other changes they’ve made or maybe not. In the past, sometimes a horde of invaders would stock up and attack all at once and that was a bug too.

I haven’t gotten up past 15 hearthlings in this version myself yet. What exactly do you mean by “is buggy and doesnt do anything”? Does the Daily Update window appear at all? If it does appear, does it force a failure of some requirement? If there are no failures, does the hearthling still fail to appear?

That is to be expected. You get a warning message that you won’t be able to edit the building once you start building. While they want you to be able to edit things on the fly eventually, it isn’t ready yet and won’t work.

There is a bug where no crafter will put their crafted item directly into a crate. The only way they’ll put something into a crate is if all normal stockpiles are full, so they drop their item on the ground and then it gets stored in the crate properly. Is this the behaviour you are talking about?

I believe this is intentional. They just fixed the Place Item inventory so it only shows items that aren’t yet placed and fixed the Store inventory so you can’t sell items you have placed in the world. The Town Inventory is there so you can see how much you have altogether.

I do note that if you have two of an item and one is placed, then it’ll list the same item twice. I think it would be better if each type of item was only listed once, but placed items had a number on the bottom-left of the icon and unplaced items on the bottom-right of the icon. That would be better right?

This was a bug that’s already been fixed in develop-2513 (the very latest version on the unstable/opt-in branch).

When you close the Daily Update window before all the noises play, you’ll hear the failure noise regardless of whether you passed all the tests or not right? I believe that one has been mentioned a few times.

can’t really confirm that on 2513 … I just got my 20th Derpling and the other 19 are happily doing this and that without any of them idle too long (depends on the actual work load)

on previous builds like alpha 10-5 or dev 2494 it was indeed a pain in the a*s to get them do stuff if you got too many of them

I’m not in game atm so I can’t post a screenshot. My current build has 18 hearthlings and my last build had 22. The number of hearthlings you can have is dependent on your computer more than the actual game. If you have other programs running or your RAM is getting full you’ll be hard pressed to go over 15 hearthlings. Once you’re over 15 hearthlings you might find it works better if you reboot the game every half hour or so to clean out your ram and keep bugs to a minimum ( I learned that after losing several towns to game breakers lol)

oh well if it is RAM dependent then never mind me with 32GB

Holy (expletive deleted)! Yeah, you definitely shouldn’t be having issues lol. I’m running 12 Gb RAM but reboot a lot to keep it empty. How often do you reboot on a monster like that? …Now I want to see how my main tower runs this game instead of my laptop

26 and counting, they are all doing their jobs.

10.000 F
50.000 NW

Game is slow, can’t be run on FF (3). ( My 12 GB RAM limit )

“-Mining on ground is in a mountain is okay, but not if you mine in the area above, the dont want to climb ladders or stairs to mine up there”

Can confirm this is fixed, I built ladders in latest build and they successfully mined into the cliff walls.