Rivers mod 🗺

Outdated. Ignore this mod.

All its contents got transferred to this one:

Just use the new Extra Map Options mod instead. Remove the old rivers mod if you still have it.


nice, was this a thing from your canyon mod or did you put this into the canyon mod?

Awesome mod! @BrunoSupremo as always. btw,

Any plans on making a GUI for this?
And any plans on making it compatible to modded biomes?

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I belive it is? All you need to do i add the modded biome to the list as far as i understand


Canyon has its own river, it does not need this mod. But yeah, both were created parallel to each other.

I think I can’t. But if I find a way I will try for sure. Uhm, maybe in the options menu… :thinking:

Actually it is not even necessary, it will generate one wide and one narrow by default. Though it is better to add it because then you can change it to something else better.
The only modded biomes ignored by this are the archipelago and canyon. Canyon has its own river system, and archipelago has no room for rivers…


Just a heads up for those that find a spot on the “select location” screen, but wanna view their river options. If ya change the last number to another number between 0-9 it’ll change the river on the map. Sometimes drastically!

I’ve tried it with the Sacred Biome and BrunoSupremo’s Transition biome and it works great! THANK YOU so very much for this mod!!!

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[excited screaming]

That config is awesome, thanks so much for taking the time to make the customization easily accessible. While I knew in theory that it was possible to turn the lakes back on with the river mod installed, I’ll be upfront that this is a much more preferred option to having to dig into the mod itself to do that… which would have inevitably led to me breaking something, hahah!

You’re really setting the gold standard in modding here. Not just in terms of the cool things you do, but in how you package them for users to make them easy to apply.


Thank you once again for the time and work you put into your mods, so the rest of us can get alot of epic experiences with this game while it is in alpha. I do believe that your work helps the playerbase to keep a good spirit, regarding the hunger for new content from the developers. Even though the official contentriver flows fine, one can always use more rivers :wink: :jubilant:

The goblins aprove…


What i’m doing wrong? =(

Uhm, strange. Can you tell me what version you are using, if you do have other mods and what biome you were going to use in this map?

Thx for responce. I use a21 rev 707 from steam. I trying start game at desert and temperate biom few times, but in all cases - this error

Did you mean the biome with transition between desert and temperate? I tested it here and it works

In the error you posted, at the first line it starts with this


The line was cropped. What biome mentioned is that? No mod I know has that kind of name… So what mods you have?

I tested this error at standart desert biom and at standart temperate biom separately. Error occur at both. I use entire list of mods:
-new biomes ( archipelage, savanna, canyon, grove, and mod for river with this error)
-new furnitures ( settlement decore, doorway)
-new classes (mage mod, royal king\queen mod)

When i started game at canyon biome - nothing wrong happened, start game like at all time

Remove the savanna biome. That biome was just a testing playground to create the rivers. This mod here basically is its evolution.
I’m guessing the problem is that because both are doing the same thing, but the savanna is really old and bugged code, not really compatible with anything else.


Thx, after job i’ll say what happens.

After deleting savanna_mod game at all another bioms became at normal state. Thx.

I can’t help but think the desert rivers need a bit of marsh on their banks. The edges of the Nile are full of reeds and some tropical trees. But coding that might also be a huge pain, I don’t know.

I’m horrible about figuring out how to dig into a mod for information. I wanted to use this with the Anorien biome…but I think the problem is that I don’t know what the author of that mod actually named the biome in the files. So when I altered the user_settings.json to include “anorien” and gave it the same settings as “temperate” with lakes set to “true” and tried to make a new map it still only loaded 1 wide river and 1 narrow river. How would I figure out what the biome is actually called so I can keep lake generation?

Shouldn’t swamp ignore it as well? River mod pretty much breaks the whole idea of water generation there.


Mod Updated

For Alpha 22.5!

:up: At the first post. :up:

The mod will keep the default lakes in unknown/unlisted biomes. Before this change, if it didn’t had a setting for that biome, it would generate the rivers without the old lakes, so biomes like swamp would be all messed. As before, this can be changed in the user_settings.json.

I will later try adding a gui for the options, to avoid messing with text files.

That is a good question. Usually it is the same name as the mod. Though Anorien mod for some reason does not use an alias in its biome index with the standard modname:biome:biome_name so it does not work here.

It now defaults to have the lakes, so the swamp is not messed, but I also went ahead and included it in the settings.
The reason archipelago and canyon are ignored is not by choice (though I would chose it that way if needed), but simple because the files are incompatible.