Lowland Plains Biome v1.5 [Now with Landmarks!]

This mod adds a new biome, the Lowland Plains, to your game.

This mod is also available on Steam Workshop

Version 1.5 - Landmarks!


Download: lowlands.smod (9.5 MB)

Version 1.4 **Season Update!**





Direct Download: lowlands.smod (9.4 MB)

Steam Workshop

Previous versions

Version 1.3:

  • Now with weather!
    • Mostly sunny; high chance windy or foggy; lesser chance of most others
  • Now a bit flatter, with taller mountains when they do come up
  • Now with a bunny-shaped surprised! …if I got their generation working. Not sure yet.
    • Bushbunny: Small green plant bunny that drops coarse fiber
    • Mossybunny: Statue sized bunny that drops juniper wood logs

Version 1.2.2:
Now with corrected biome mining loot tables.
For stable Alpha 23: plains_biome.smod (9.3 MB)

For unstable Alpha 24: plains_biome.smod (9.3 MB)

Version 1.2.1: Small fix; drop rates for Grass and Dirt currently 10x what they were meant to be, and Stone from Rock was lower than intended. Darn you, 0s! If you’re happy with the current drop rates, don’t worry about grabbing this fix. Download

Version 1.2: Download
Built on Unstable A24; should work with A23 stable - please inform me if you get any errors.

The Lowland Plains are both very lush and lively-

-and relatively rich area.

Ready to build your new village?

It highly recommend using the Rivers mod made by @BrunoSupremo ; it has a much nicer effect.

Version 1
Do you crave large tracts of land for building?

Maybe some scattered lake clusters?

I mean, just look at these adorable mountains when they do occur!

Ready to explore the Lowland Tracts for yourself? Grab the biome here: Download


I can’t quite articulate why, but I am every excited about trying this.


I am thrilled to hear/see that ^.^ Let me know if you run into any issue; I’ve never done a biome before, and was guessworking most of it to get the resulting terrain to come out roughly the way I was wanting it to. Still wasn’t quite perfect, though it is good enough to appease my perfectionism for now, I rather like the effect of combining it with the Rivers mod.

Makes for a Floodplains kind of feel to me :smiley:


I think the idea is very good.
But will there be enough metals in the small mountains?

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Not sure! I could try raising the rate of vein generation to compensate, perhaps?
I believe those occur underground as well, don’t they?

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I guess so.
but then you should also slightly increase the rate of stone.
Sunny it would be difficult to build a lot with stone.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll update those aspects and post an update :slight_smile:
I am playing around with it a bit at the moment - I was trying to make a “Valley” alternate version (plains with small mountain ranges in/around), but haven’t figured it out yet.

sounds very good
I will definitely try it because I like the idea very well

What do you think of the Valley Lowland?


Fairly long but not very tall “mountains” and hills to supplement the rolling plains, a bit more water; can still raise the stone drop rate as well, of course


I hope it does not sound petty.
but before that it was more beautiful.
I think something between the two would be perfect.
The rivers also look better than lakes

Hmm, I’ll revert it and play with the mining loot tables instead. While it’s an interesting effect, I think I agreed, the visuals aren’t nice.

Also, the rivers aren’t a part of the base biome - that’s from the Rivers mod.


This looks really nice, honestly I wish this terrain was present in the vanilla game instead of ENDLESS TOWERING EDIFICES

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Okay, I couldn’t find any way to increase above ground stone that I liked, so the impending update will increase mining drop rates instead, including:

-Grass: Chance to drop clay or stone, small chance to drop seeds
-Dirt: Chance to drop clay or stone, small chance to drop ores
-Rock: Increased chance to drop stone and ore

Also made proper storyboards for the biome. Made water a little less common, but still recommend the Rivers mod.


Sounds nice.

Top post now updated, including a link for the new updaye


That is actually a nice idea, out of the box. Never thought about dropping anything else besides terrain resources.


Is there an issue with the mod where I wasn’t able to name my town? Or did I do something wrong when I started? lol

The most recent unstable has you name your town after a bird brings you a message

Yeah I just discovered this lol - sorry

No worries! I briefly thought I’d messed something up myself the first time I tested the biome on the newest unstable as well, lol