Lowland Plains Biome v1.5 [Now with Landmarks!]


Except mine is broken & I can’t pick a banner :confused: ah well back to A23 lol


What, really?! How strange o.O
What does it do?


release-798 (x64)[M]
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And just keeps making me reload the UI


Now I’m waiting for a DLC adding new hats for Chirper.


Great mod!
Always wanted this terrain style but was too lazy to try my hand at making it myself.

Are the loot table modifications and seed drops biome specific or across the board so long as the mod is installed?


Good question! I’m honestly not sure offhand, but suspect the latter


I was playing in the Sacred Biome last night and had seeds galore dropping from dirt.


Thanks for the confirmation! Galore, though…uh…that sounds like I might’ve messed up the setting a bit, as it wasn’t intended to be that common. I’ll have to take a look at that.

Woops, yep. I meant for it to be 1:10000…accidentally made it 1:1000.
I’ll post a fix, that’s probably a bit unbalanced.


Yes, it is across all biomes. If you want, it is easy to make it biome specific.

At your biome json, add:
“mining_loot_table”: “file(mining_loot_table.json)”,
And in that file, you add only the changes you want.
The game will first load the default loot_tables, and then apply your loaded biome changes on top of it.
Check the desert biome if needed, it does this.

Lorki have a new Biome to Play

Tons of GOLD

I am not sure if it is the core game, or your plains mod, or the resource multiplier in the plains mod. I am only on day 27. I am already up to 30 hearthlings. The reason for this; my gold has been multiplying and has reached over 1.7 million pieces. I choose the hearth that is supposed to give 5% bonus daily, it is way beyond that and my gold doubles each day.


can i use oth the plains and rivers mod together? and which one is the download (main) for the plains? do i download the fix first or 1.2?


Also will this work still since i have modded the DEFAULT_RADIUS etc to give myself a bigger game area? thanks again

EDIT: god damn this discourse not letting me make multiple posts! i get it, you dont want spam… but trying to reply to other peoples replies is impossibe!!!

basically… i fixed it by physically singing in to dropbox… think it didn’t recognize i was already a customer… mod seems to work, until the game world tries to load… then the bug menu opens up on the loading screen and refuses to load (stable release) going to try unstable and report back… might be because i modded the worlld size maybe

  • and as a P.S -

you trying to hack us bud? Dropbox - Screenshot 2018-03-12 13.23.22.png

FINAL EDIT - i can confirm (for me) this mod does not work in stable release, but it does work in unstable (paired with the giant map mod from @BrunoSupremo (after removing my personal size mod)


@warcyclops - It’s entirely possible that it is; the initial release with the modified loot tables had a missing digit, resulting in everything being 10x more common than it was meant to be. Try getting the 1.2.1 fix

@Unreal_Gam3er - you can use them together; I have a screenshot of it above. To the best of my knowledge, the Rivers mod can be used with almost any biome mod (I believe Bruno notes exceptions, such as his Canyon and Archipelago)/
I’m not sure about the Default Radius edit, though there is a giant map mod to achieve that effect as well.


Uh… what the mew? o.O I’ve never seen something like that before.
I will check the links and the Dropbox account


Super strange, both links work fine for me.



So I tried the town upgrade that is supposed to give 5% gold value daily. The result was nowhere as significant as on your map. However, even on a different map, I was still at over 110,000 gold on day 30. There is some kind of compounding happening, where eventually the gold gets silly, almost as if each of the 5% adds up each day, so first day you get 5%, next 10%, then 15% etc…instead of just only the 5% you are supposed to get. Eventually the stacks of gold are taking up too much of your inventory space. So while your modded map may make it happen faster, I think there is certainly a core issue first.


Yes, I already had the bug but not with this map that came with 24.2 and the gold banner selection.


Try removing Lowlands mod and doing it again, see if the effects are still as high?
If it is, then it’s just that town upgrade, which the devs did warn may be OP at this time.
If it comes out lower, then it’s my loot tables and I’ll have to play with them some more.


Its the same not your mod. ^.-
I had the same error without mods.


Thank you, Lorki.
The newest update warned about such effects; as my mod is built in the unstable, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t compounding them. I suspected it shouldn’t be the case, but didn’t want to presume without such feedback :slight_smile:


Discourse versions added to main post as version 1.2.2

-edit- Woops, sorry, update to main post didn’t save on the first try for some reason. Should be up now!


New update on Steam:

  • Now with weather (mostly sunny, high chance of wind or fog, lesser chance of others)
  • Now a bit flatter with taller mountains
  • A surprise! …if I got them working…

Updating main post with 1.3 shortly

Main post now updated; as a note, the download is for A24 (that is, it has a chance to drop seeds in the mining loot); if you need with that disabled to play on the A23 stable, let me know and I’ll do a quick fix copy.