Sky Lands Mod ☁️

Outdated. Ignore this mod.

All its contents got transferred to this one:

Just use the new Extra Map Options mod instead. Remove the old rivers mod if you still have it.


Hm. Actually, with the landmark system I managed to turn the microworld into a floating island. Make it bigger and you get either revamped map edge or floating islands biome.


floating island with different biomes? oO I LOVE YOU :heart:

This will be awesome for multiplayer :smiley:


Just have to make sure that each player’s enemies spawn on the right island. :stuck_out_tongue:

Me inside: aaaaaaaah do want
Me outside: ha, the pathing code is not going to like that…


All depends on how the game sees it. If it’s the same as going through a door to step through a portal and be teleported over, the pathing code might ‘just work’. (for example)



So much yes! :merry:

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I can already see the landmarks being flying fortresses or zeppelins full of banners and flags with goblin traders and stuff like that :smiley:


Morbidbcuriosity: what happens if something or someone… Falls off…

Probably the same thing that happens if someone falls off the edge of the world now. :stuck_out_tongue:

And… That is?


evolve. Sort of.

I mean, have you never asked yourself why does the Titan emerge from the edge of the world? :open_mouth:


No because I restart too often and haven’t reached Gary yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Bruno, is there a chance to generate regular size world and then add something to the edge so it looks like one giant floating island?

One could then have an Air Harbour object in the world with Airships stopping by: travelling merchants without all the problems associated with spawning at the edge and road travel. Caravans without all the problems which made the devs drop the idea. If land travel is a problem we could make them fly.

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When I asked if things was possible to do a while ago one of the things I asked was if we could add small maps next to the big one. @max99x responded that “You can generate terrain chunks anytime…” so it should be ok. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to hide the map and pause everything on it and show and play a different, smaller and more static map instead? Purpose: sending a squad on an action-rpg-like mission along a generated but contained path. Workers not allowed so no ladders, mining or cutting down trees to escape the path.

Yes, but this one would need a lot of work. Game speed is an engine-level concept that applies to everything. You would need to implement your own “pause” method, similar to how we added entity suspension for dispatch quests and disconnected players.

Similar to the previous but having the small map next to the big one (with a gap between). Both playing at the same time.

This one is relatively easy. You can generate terrain chunks anytime and teleport entities between them.

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Concider me well and truly hyped Bruno :stuck_out_tongue:


There are modders that are learning
There are good modders
There are great modders
And then there are legends.

And then there is Bruno :stuck_out_tongue:


I want to be a Bruno when I grow up.