Sky Lands Mod ☁️


Phenomenal, as always. Now that the game has release I can see more modders jumping back into Stonehearth.



Bespin confirmed :smiley:

In other unrelated news - the floating islands do seem like “cut” out pieces of terrain that was normally generated at first instead of proper “islands” like in Archipelago (with higher height towards the center, lower on the edges, etc)… which makes it look like something that is applied on top of the generation itself - which would mean that this “cloud city” mode could possibly be used with any biome (and not be a biome itself) - is that so?


What is the hight maximum of a level now we are talking about it :’)?


In a technical sense I think the maximum y-value is 1 million.


Enough space for flyers NG islands above a map then :stuck_out_tongue:
Possibly above a sea?


There’s enough technical space for virtually anything you can imagine. It all comes down to performance (and how much work people want to put into implementing these systems). You could also modify the way the skybox works and just have a graphical-only sea or other terrain seemingly far below the floating islands that stretches to infinity, because that’s really just stitching together a few large bitmaps rather than having to render an enormous amount of terrain.


That’s looking amazing Bruno! Can’t wait to try this out ; D.



Absolutely lovely, but does water behave correctly if it hits the bottom? And aren’t these islands a bit too small? Right now getting a Geomancer is an absolute priority so one can generate enough resources to build anything. And I guess the enemies spawn on other islands…


i asume these are tech-tests that can be scaled. that sounds like the bruno way at least…





In all seriousness though, I wonder what shattered the hearthlands. We can clearly see on the pictures that these are no random islands but fragments of the Pal’mun desert, the Valkyrie Tundra or the Darkmoor Forest.

These are clearly from our known world, shattered and destroyed. I wonder if this is a parallel universe where the Titans have won and started absorbing our world into their twisted realm, which resulted in a shattering of the land. Or just some other poor use of geomancy that resulted in this global cataclysm.

Either way, I think such a map would deserve its special campaign and - at the end, more than a simple reembark you could build an airship and everything you fit inside of it - cargo and people - could arrive with the airship itself for the next island you settle on :smiley:


The calamity of course!


The bearded man with the dog recognized the figure of the boy. And the calamity.

He smiled. The poster smiled. They knew they were among friends.
For now.


So do I but that doesn’t silence the tons of technical questions my programming intuition asks while seeing these amazing screenshots.

BTW, I think we were supposed to comment the lovely clouds generated near the islands…


These are not clouds.
These are other floating islands, however made of suspended fine water droplets or solid crystals.
Or, you know, clouds.


Dani have you been on the fermented cactus juice again?


I love all of this. This is life now.