Sky Lands Mod ☁️


Ok. Time to talk.
Uhm, I forgot to post pictures these last two day. Actually, I had no picture. The mod was ready since the first picture was posted here, except for bugs and clouds, which I was doing while posting old screens.
So, how it works? The game creates a common map, then a second one which is used to cut the original terrain. Think giant cookie cutters fall cutting the land. This is based on the seed, which means that you can get the same island shapes in different biomes if you use the same seed ;p
Then there are the clouds. Each weather has its own clouds. Sunny, rain, sandstorm, rainbow, titan… If you have created a new weather, it is easy to add a new cloud effect for it, otherwise it will just use a default simple type for it.
Uhm, what else… Oh, don’t let your guys fall. “But I can simple build a ladder”, no you can’t. Well, you can, but anything that falls will be gone. Except water, damn bugs…

Download at the first post.


Next Bruno’s mod will add a new weather type that rains dead hearthlings.


Save everyone and everything that falls off, along with position and time, to something like a re-embark file. Next time you start a new game you can choose to settle on a map below your previous sky land and watch everyone and everything land.
Next Bruno’s mod will add partial destruction to buildings and craters (sometimes hearthling shaped) from falling objects. :wink:


What kind of gone? As in despawnwd gone? Out of reach but shouting help gone :p?
Are hearthlings stupid enough to fall off and should I fence off the rim :’)?


They are definitely stupid enough to mine the ground that others are standing on, so when mining on the edge or deep enough it could happen.


To the credit of the hearthlings, I’ve seen many people do that when playing Skyblock on Minecraft, too :wink:


Maybe fill the bottom with invisible drystones?


We should strive for our hearthlings to be better than Minecraft players and not troll each other.
“Y U mAd Mer!?!1 JusT a praNk bro!! … bro? … bRo?? … Burlybro?!!”


at least in multiplayer our trolling is limited to building aquaduct tunnels to each others towns and flooding one another…


There’s one more way. You can wall your village off, then build ladders to all possible places so enemies from all the map can get to someone else’s village.

Not a case with skylands I guess. Do the enemies spawn on all islands? It may make some campaign nodes close to impossible to complete.


Any chance of adding a button/checkbox at map generation screen to decide weather to have floating island or normal? Would mean the mod can stay enabled all the time but can have features toggled at seed time.


Deleted kind of gone.

They can fall when someone else (maybe even themselves) mine their block, or remove their ladder or scaffold. Mobs, and items too. Anything that falls.

Could work

Just disable the mod, it is the same thing. The game is smart enough to remember your mods now. So when you go play in a world that used the mod while it is disabled, a little popup will appear giving you the chance to activate it before entering the save. The same for saves without the mod while you have it enabled.


@BrunoSupremo just out of excitement and curiosity, do you plan on feeding this one with exclusive content like Archipelago or you consider it a “finished idea”? :merry:

Because I’d guess there’s a ton of potential here :jubilant:


Landmarks maybe. I just wanted to launch this quick to catch bugs and move to another thing. Trying to reduce my todo list


Know the feeling :joy:

Well, it is a great mod nonetheless! Maybe in the future… :merry:


I’d recommend a coding solution: either patch water_component or hydrology_service, or have a new service that listens to the hydrology tick and removes any water components that are at/below a certain “minimum y” location.


Did someone figure out a method to build downward, below island level?

Best I could come up was this tetris-like construct, but I can’t get deeper than the floor level I’m starting from.


Useful on the lowest level, where floors can no longer be used, but not much help otherwise :frowning:


Make a shaft downwards from inside, carve out to the side of the floating islands and then build up? :smiley:


attach ladder yourself to the side of the island, order them to make a small 1x1 wide, 2 tall slot in the side of the wal(this has to be adjacent to the ladder, low down), hang everything from there?


Not helping to build BELOW the island :slight_smile: Think of a “gondala” like situation (or just wanting to keep the wall in prestine shape).

Doesn’t work :frowning: