Sky Lands Mod ☁️


is there an air hole boven the pillar-in-the-side block? if so, try 3 airholes more (so a hearthling can stand ON the block, theoretically) there should be a way that should work. (and ofc it cant clip through a ladder)


Bottom line, its possible but I’ll end up spoilng the intended appearance :frowning: Time to get the geomancer ^^


Notbneccesairilly, once they can build out a side beam you can re fill in the needed air blocks with rock blocks, probably. Depends what you had in mind for building really


you know what would be AMAZING? if you could some how find a way to generate hidden ponds or underground lakes inside mountains along with the sky islands so that farms could be more immersive. mine for water, dig a man made river for the water to flow from the mountain down to your town, etc.


That’s actually possible really. You could make a landmark underground that’s filled with a water stone and water, so when you dig into it it would start spilling into yourbtunnel


exactly. have the water stone part of the generation of the map and have it placed inside of mountains somewhere :3


Workaround: Apparently the instant-build command from the Ctrl+C console can help for situations, where the hearthlings are helpless. To be less cheaty, it could be used to build a temporary scaffolding for the actual construction work.


The only difficulty/limit would be that the stone would be a fixed depth below ground each time the landmark spawns – although this could somewhat be remedied by simply having a few similar landmarks with different depths, so you never know exactly where the stone will be.

One thing I’d love to see is an “ancient well” ruin to go with the farmhouses (and ideally some new ruins). Players could easily work that into the story of their town since it’s pretty vague but still gives a sense of history to the map.


I am trying to connect islands. With a Geomancer, I have been slowly placing stone terrain tiles (12 x 12), but they have to be placed on top of each other, so its a gradual stair case going up, and it may eventually get too high. I guess then it would have to drop a ladder down, to step foot on the new island.
Has anyone tried other methods to make a kind of bridge?
Recently Darth Duncan is making a Youtube video series using this mod, and I am trying the same mods for a playthrough.


I know this sounds like a long process but why not dig a tunnel, a small tunnel, to the edge of the island you’re on, then build a single line bridge connecting the two islands, then place the stone terrain tiles on THAT to keep it flat? I don’t know the specifics of the mechanics for the geomancer as I have yet to actually ever unlock the class myself yet. But I can assume that the placement of the stone terrain blocks work the same like any other building blocks you can place in build mode.


Well, I went into build mode and built a pretty simple bridge from blocks, starting from the top edge of a cliff, and surprisingly the Hearthlings built it with no trouble. I thought they might have to use ladders or scaffolding, but it wasn’t needed here. You can see in my screenshot the bridge, and the natural land staircase I was trying to make with a Geomancer below.


How would one download this mod


@koobdie you can download it by clicking the link located on the first post in this thread :wink:.

Then, you can put the downloaded file inside your mods folder.
Usually it is located in your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth.

Hope that helps~!


I have absolutely no idea how to find this folder

  1. Go to your Steam Library


  1. Right Click on Stonehearth, select “Properties” from the list, bring you to this screen:

  1. Click on the Local Files tab, then on the “Browse Local Files” option:

  1. Profit:

(the mods folder you’re looking for is the third from the top in my picture here; if yours doesn’t have a “steam_uploads” folder, that’s fine and perfectly normal - mine is the product of me working on mods :wink: )

Hope that helps!


i did everything but it does not show up in the game


hmm. you put the smod in the mods folder?
if so, go to your Mods menu in game, and see if it’s checked or not.
if it’s not, check the box next to it so it turns on


it sin the mod folder counting its self) debugtools.smod northern_alliance.smod radiant.smod rayyas_children.smod skylands (2).smod and stonehearth.smod
but it wont show up in the mod section in game


Rename skylands (2).smod to skylands.smod.


I have never done anything like this before thanks