Stonehearth MOD REPO/Nexus (to upload mods for download!) [No Email Validation!] []


the site looks great, as always, @Warstories… love the mod section as well! :+1:


Thanks Steve :blush:


Think I’ll join. Looks pretty neat. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Kingdom! :smiley:


I’m sure Dr. Grant can’t believe his eyes.


The Livestreams Area is now live! Add your livestreams now! :thumbsup:


Much better than McDonalds.


Update: Added a mandatory drop-down to the Mod Upload page to specify what Game Version the mod is compatible with. See it on @Avairian’s Japanese Mod:

(We also had over 250 total downloads for mods alone in the past 9 days, AND we broke over 1k total downloads :blush: (now 1.2k))

edit: Bump Dump Slump…uh… Thump. Bump


Little Site Update: Favicon of site changed to the log icon from the game :blush: