Do we need any other categories?

just a random question for the masses… aside from the seven currently available, do we need any additional categories to help group similar topics together?

  • General Discussion
  • Gameplay
  • Modability
  • Kickstarter
  • Development
  • Qubicle Creations
  • Support
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what about crazy ideas lol we all seem to have them. I would say it looks good to me but thats me.

Maybe an Off-Topic. But maybe not. I don’t know. I don’t have hands.

Funnily enough I was going to speak to you about this, but then I assume you had things to do offline - how dare you.

Anyway, perhaps some sort of ‘coding’ category? @voxel_pirate has already posted a few things, and I can imagine it will only get bigger as beta is released etc. with people looking for help, learning, posting tutorials, posting up scripts, etc., etc. The ‘Modability’ category could then focus specifically on mods, mod ideas, and the like, rather than being an all-in-one home for a massive part of the game?

Also I think we need to look at the content of the Gameplay category as it has a significantly larger amount of posts than every other one. I mean, obviously that is to be expected in relation to something like development or support, but perhaps we could create another category to help differentiate information?

The same applies for general discussion? Perhaps have an off-topic category, as well as a general discussion as @Pendryn suggested?

I like the idea of breaking up “Modability” further. Maybe a “Coding” (or Lua) section and one for “Animation”? In this case we should have all aspects of mod-creation covered, no? … even if animation would remain pretty empty for the moment.

Regarding the “Gameplay”… how about creating one category for “Suggestions”?

Off-topic in my eyes is a two-sided sword which does not really bring added value. I do not get why people need to discuss off-topic things in the internet and not with their friends at home…

Haha, I feel the same way about off-topic, I just plucked out as a possible category we might run into in general discussion. A suggestions category would actually be good.

We’ll wait for @SteveAdamo to wake up and see what he has to say!

Wake Up? In Singapore they are already preparing to go to sleep… well, soon at least… and Steve is still sleeping? Unbelievable… :o)

He blames the time zones, and the job, but really we all know he’s just not committed enough.


ahh… nothing says “productive” like 14 hours of sleep… but i digress…

i like the new suggestions category, and while i dont typically use an off-topic forum, i can see where it has its advantages - we’re a growing community, and there are a host of other areas where we might want to connect with each other… no @Geoffers747, not like that… if only we had a polling option to sort this out! :stuck_out_tongue:

so the only new categories, potentially on the table :

  • off-topic: general catchall to discuss random topics not pertaining to SH

and while i do like the idea of potentially breaking out the modding portion, i dont want to overdo it (at least, perhaps not at this stage)… and since modding will consist of either working with Lua, or Qubicle, here are some possible future categories?

  • Lua scripting: Lua focused category
  • Qubicle modeling: Qubicle focused category

the modeling category would be distinct from qubicle creations, as it would contain access to downloads perhaps… but at that point, perhaps qubicle creations would be relabeled to something like “fan media” to house any artistics efforts (desktop wallpapers, qubicle models, youtube lets plays, etc.)

i dunno… just brainstorming… :zap:

had an idea… i know, dont pass out @Geoffers747

what about a Community Feedback category, that effectively takes the place of a polling system (which we dont currently have on Discourse)?

the category would typically be reserved for team radiant, and would be used to collect specific feedback on a given topic… polling would amount to the number of likes received, similar to the live stream questions thread…

some examples might be:

  • Questions for the next livestream on XYZ topic (ex: workshop live stream)
  • Opinions on taking one approach over another (ex: the workshop discussion)
  • Preferences on which animals to include in the bestiary (ex. large animal survey)
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Sounds great to me @SteveAdamo!

Might I recommend a resources & tutorials section? It may cross over with some of the other sections, but it may be useful to combine all the different resource lists, tutorials (for qubicle, coding, and eventually for the game) in one place for any newcomers to find quickly without having to dig for it.

A sticky post might do the same job, which lists all the tutorials (like the FAQ).

Just add tags, it removes most of this discussions point and allows for more to be really easily added so that you could even get easier things like tutorials, qubicle, lua and all for super nice sorting. On a different note I should probably go to sleep soon if my writing has devolved that much, but seriously tags and polls would make tis way simpler, heck tags might even enhance the feel of discourse more being one of those useful different features they like.

How about off-topic and feed-back?

thanks for all the feedback folks!

(posted on behalf of @easto1a)

I’d just like to mention two things on categories.

1] if changed will
a number of threads become un-categorized?

2] Is it possible to make
it necessary to choose a category when someone makes a new post? (It
may be already).

perhaps @system can lend some insight? :smiley:

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After the discussion above, is there any plan to add an off-topic category? Depending on what someone understands as off-topic, quite some can already be found in the forum:

i think we’ve determined that General Discussion fits the bill here… :smiley:

For when you have a topic about something that doesn’t fit into any
other category or just want to chat amongst yourselves.

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Oh look, this topic is still open! Sorry to drag it out of the depths of the forums, but I noticed we have a lot of threads started on other kickstarter games and games in development. Currently, that’s all under the General Discussion, but there do seem to be enough threads to potentially warrant it’s own category.

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