About Suggestions

Is there something you feel can be improved? Do you have something you feel should be included in the game? Or do you just want to see what other people are suggesting? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Feel free to make a suggestion about any aspect of the game. Add the type of suggestion to your topic title to help the community quickly see what it is about, such as (Class), (Item), (Faction) for example.

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Thanks for working to keep the forums organized. I have a few questions about this new category.

How is this category different from Modability or Gameplay? Are these supposed to be suggestions about the game or does it cover other aspects as well? Will pre-existing suggestion threads be moved here?

Hey, sorry was trying to put the information in the first topic but it kept displaying it in the category definition which was making that ridiculously long - I’m sure it’s just me!

At the moment yes there is a bit of an overlap, and the definitions will need to be altered to accomodate.

I haven’t asked anyone else yet, so this is just my thoughts on it but I see

  • Modability (perhaps the name will change) - being focussed on mods, be it completed mods, requested mods, work-in-progress mods, opinions of mods, essentially everything to do with the mods themselves.

  • Gameplay - perhaps reworked to focus on questions and discussion regarding gameplay, will probably come more into it’s own when the beta is released? People can then discuss what they’re doing, how it’s going gameplay tips etc. At the moment it seems to just be the default category for posts, and as such I felt that trying to separate them out would benefit ease of access going forward.

  • As for what should be suggested here, I would at this moment say anything and everything, with topics perhaps being prefaced with something like [Mod] [Class] [Animal] [Item] [Faction]

  • I am moving pre-existing suggestions threads across to here, so I would say yes, hopefully they will all find their way here.

Apologies for the lack of info on the first post, was in the process of editing it, and perhaps I did jump the gun a little :slight_smile: Hope that helps!