Inaugural community feedback thread: categories!

this should serve as a good test for the new community feedback category… it’s a bit long winded, so my apologies in advance… and please remember to simply “like” a given response below, as any other responses here will be deleted…

edit: thanks to @GrimMethod for the brilliant suggestion of adding simply the opposite to an existing poll question allowing you to vote for should or should not

edit #2: thanks to @Geoffers747 for suggesting a duration for polls… so, perhaps they will typically run for 24 hours? seems like a fair amount of time

edit #3: and if the number of likes exceeds the dislikes in that timeframe, we would consider something as “voted for”…

if you would like to suggest alternate categories (or category descriptions, renames, etc.) feel free to post them here… thanks! :smiley:

i was thinking perhaps the existing categories might need to be spruced up a bit… whereas these seem to fit as they are:

  • General Discussion (the catch-all category - effectively “off topic”)
  • Suggestions (gameplay suggestions)
  • Gameplay (gameplay discussions)
  • Support (community support for anything that seems out of place)
  • Kickstarter (everything pertaining to the campaign)

i think the modability category and qubicle creations could possibly use a tweak… there is obvious overlap, but there is also a good distinction to be made… so, with that, i offer the first pseudo-poll question:

we SHOULD rework modability and qubicle creations into the following

modability would be renamed modding, to represent the parent grouping of all things considered a mod (lua scripts, qubicle models, total conversions, etc.)… the idea being, this is the place to discuss the actual player submitted mods (or mod ideas) themselves (designs, objectives, implementation steps, etc.)

this is the area where mods could be described, commented on and reviewed by the community…

for housing mod related content, we would introduce a new category specific for lua… lua scripting, while qubicle creations would remain largely as it is… these two areas would represent the more generic brainstorming for both scripting and modeling in general (tutorials, tips and tricks, links to resources, etc.)

cast your “vote”, by liking this or the corresponding post below…


we SHOULD NOT rework modability and qubicle creations

we SHOULD create a new category for fan media

a fan media category would represent threads for any player created content, developed outside the game itself (music, wallpapers, fan art, 3d-printed models, etc.)

again, please cast your vote accordingly… :smiley:


we SHOULD NOT create a new category for fan media

ok, thanks for the votes folks! Fan Media is in place, and Lua Scripting is up next… i think we’ll wait on renaming modability (to modding), and splitting the content between modding and qubicle creations until later this week…