May we already make sections on the wiki for mods?

Title kind of states my question :D. This would give me a good to place al my pictures and discriptions without worrying about to long posts. It is especially usefull for uploading everything and structure it.

Let’s wait on adding descriptions of mods to the wiki until after the mods can actually be added to the game and downloaded by other people. What if, instead, you create one thread/topic for every mod you have in mind and categorize them under moddability, with a title that indicates the type of mod you’re imagining? So something like, Proposed Epic Weapons Mod with pics and notes?

Thanks for asking. I do think it’s really important that we all agree on how to use the various technologies available.


Ok thanks for the quick reply. That was idd what i had in mind :wink:

Just to clarify, I meant one thread in the discourse (or on whatever forum you prefer!) rather than on the wiki. We can use the wiki for mods that can actually be added to the game (at beta or later).

Oops misread it xD. Ok will wait then :stuck_out_tongue:

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