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That’s what this is going to be @Sarhifigus, a master mod list where people can easily discover new mods to mess around with.

@LunarWolf, this is different. This will have a description and link to the download, rather than a link to the topic where progress updates are posted.

No master mod list, I think we already have this one. But it doesn’t mention the downloading of mods, it just gathers the several mods, ideas and modding tutorials.

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Exactly @Relyss! It’s a place for people to download mods, rather than admire bits and pieces of works-in-progress.

Just a reminder that you can upload mods to Stonehearth Kingdom as it is basically a Mod Repo. (Categories, Ratings, Unlimited Uploads/Downloads without Bandwidth Throttling, Revisions of Mods, etc.) and then link to your Mod’s download page on discourse if you so desire.

@Warstories, I’ll probably be pulling mods from there myself too to add to the list, if their developers don’t post on this topic first. But currently, there aren’t any mods on there, so we’ll have to wait. I’m actually quite excited to find and use these mods myself!

Yay! If you do get modders using some crazy host like mediafire or whatever, then see if you can redirect them to StonehearthKingdom and encourage them to upload there!

But does StonehearthKingdom host the mods, or just the links (much like this topic)?

We host the mods on very powerful servers :wink: once you upload them you can copy and paste the download link from the posted mod wherever you want, and anyone can download it from our network with no bandwidth throttling :smile:

There is a thread like this ^^

If you want you can add my mod.
It is currently a desert re-skin.
download link
I will add a install help text file.

I just added yours to the list @Miturion!

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Thanks, we may need to get @SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747 or merge the too, as it makes no sense having 2 posts that the same

I suppose for now this makes sense to live on its own, for now … but I imagine the other mid list will follow suit with links to download projects as well…

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Added the Japanese Mod by @Avairian.

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Items Spawner mod by BFHDD:

Much appreciated! :sake:

add the item spawner mod as well! :+1:

Added the Item Spawner mod by @BFHDD.

EDIT: It would be much appreciated if nodders can posts their links, and a short spiel of their mod as a reply to this thread, saving me the time from having to scour the web for new, and brilliantly unofficial content.

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  • Added a Mod-Loaders and APIs section, and @RepeatPan’s RP modding framework

  • Updated download links to look more discrete

  • Updated Item Spawner mod description to include the fact that the RP modding framework is required

  • Prepared for more complicated mods that require more than one set of files to install properly

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EDIT 7: It’s as if no one even know am that this topic exists! Look at how many times I had to edit this post in order to bump the topic, for the sake of modding!

fear not, folks will find this… the search tool is really quite effective, and everyone uses the search tool… right? :smile:

but i would imagine, as this list, and the other related mod list, grow in size, they will likely be pinned within this category…

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Updated the Desert Reskin mod, now more than just a fancy color palette. Requires the RP modding framework listed in the main post.

EDIT: Added the Settlement Decor standalone modification. Download above.

EDIT 2: It’s been a week now, and I think a BUMP is overdue…