More Types Of Monsters/Mobs

I think it would be a good idea to have flying enemies like the Demon Eyes in Terraria or Bats. I also think it would be nice to have an enemy that shoots projectiles, like a Wizard shooting projectiles from his staff, or a dragon flying around spitting fireballs at your doomed settlers. It would be nice to have enemies that spawn during different times or events, like Werewolves appearing during a Full Moon (If Full Moons are even added) or like how Demon Eyes (Again) spawn only during the night.

well, we’ve seen images of archers and (what would have to be) wizards… so, projectiles are a certainty…

oh yes, indeed… this would add some nice flavor to the combat portion of the game… :+1:

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Is it possible to have a random monster generator in-game? You know, have a script that takes parts and pieces them together according to category (arms, head, torso, etc) and create some random monster?

Okay, not the greatest idea…just throwing things out there.

But I feel that instead of having 100’s of different monsters, what about the party types?
Whether it is a full-fledged independent vampire clan, a marauding party of werewolves, a goblin camp that preys on travelers, etc.
Just a reminder that as important as the variety of monsters are, I don’t want to have to deal with the same party of the same monster-type all the time. So instead of an independent vampire clan, there can be an independent clan of ratmen, etc (Along similar trains of thought).

But to the topic of this tread being about monsters/mobs variety, I’ll state what I have in mind:
[what’s been already said’]

  • ghosts
  • dragons (like duh, what would we do without Smaug?)
  • werewolves
  • demon eyes
  • spiders
  • clowns
  • vampires
  • goblins
  • trolls
  • undead
  • kobolds
  • creeper (no, I’m against this. </3 Sorry)
  • cyclops zangief & cyberpunk cyclops zangief (is this guy forreal? Forgetting Dahlsim? Darn shame)
  • giants
  • bats
    Of the above, I’ll just group some together and call it wildlife. Not sure if any other kind of ‘party’ than animal wildlife would suit creatures such as bats or wolves. (and rabbits). If someone wants an organized kingdom of rabbits to interact with, that can come as a mod later.
    My addition to the list:
  • ratmen (typical fantasy, what can we do without ratmen?)
  • lizardmen (another typical d&d monster)
  • fauns
  • slime? (actually, this would be really sad and boring)
  • demons (both grounded and flying)
  • fishmen (gross, but at least you’ll enjoy eradicating them from your lands)
  • mermaids (I was going to group fishmen and mermaids together but then I thought that it might not be intuitive that they might go together)
  • [insert animal name]man (basically, I have this idea where the game creates these random animal-men by sticking a random animal head onto the torso of a human body. Am I retarded?)
  • large insects (spiders are included in the list above but wanted to include other interesting insects, maybe have an giant insect biome? That way players don’t have to deal with insects in a normal biome)
  • shadow armor (I don’t know how to put it…think of a Raydric from Ragnarok Online?)
  • piranha plant (That doesn’t have to be the name. Just man-eating plants, like from Mario)
  • Will o’ the Wisp (another classic)

I’m out of ideas for now. And I’m assuming that humans are included among mobs and that mobs who have the capacity to carry weapons/armor will come in a variety (monsters not class restricted)

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So randomly generated groups of monsters?

I am totally for this idea.

I was thinking the other day that it would be cool to have large spiders in the game as creatures you would battle agenst. Maybe you could come across them underground or in like a dark Forrest or swamp area. Maybe also have like a king spider boss ( kind of like Aragog) and it could be guarding some treasure or something cool. Idk I think that would be cool if a hord of spiders came up the walls of a city and started destroying a town.

still shuddering

Thank you, I’m sorry for wasting space. If I knew this was made I would have posted there

no worries! :smile:

now, cower in fear before @TobiasSabathius’s creation!

I would love to see enemies with similarities to some classic Legend of Zelda enemies.

A Blocky four armed Skeleton warrior would be awesome, And could certainly be welcome in Dungeons.
Perhaps large Goblin warriors or kings could make for interesting opponents, although they may too closely resemble Trolls.
A personal favorite from the Zelda series would have to be the Darknut. Warriors who tower over most people. Though it may be difficult to get such a warrior to look good (Or, scary), they would make interesting monsters to invade your happy villages.

I agree with this statement, ghosts are the best monster idea ever, and the devs can do them in any way they wish, tahst the beauty of ghosts, they are different things to different people.

You forgot the ogre from the speed model from their youtube :wink:

One word. Dragon. xD

People have you forgotten about the most important monster “slimes” :slight_smile: Without this, there is not a good game ^^. And I saw in the game files Ent monster and his minion. Also game need bad mage and evile Necromacner and his minion !!!

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I wanna talk about what the next monster/denizens in stonehearth will be, now don’t get me wrong i LOVE goblins but they won’t be the only enemy/ally for too many more alphas, and at the rate team radiant are going through alphas it probably wont be too many more months.

Tom did say in the stream on Tuesday alpha 8 would be on improving combat, so maybe they will add another mob, or maybe they will make goblins more awesome!

I wanna hear what other people want in the coming alphas!

Well i can see you love goblins by your icon but i wouldn’t mind yaks monster wise i would like an orc of further developments through the goblin line maybe some skeletons actually in the game and armoured monsters

I can tell you like yaks, they could drop meat when harvested or leather.

Skeletons would be pretty cool, maybe they could come out of the ground at night and attack your town if your not lucky.

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leather fur meat you can milk them make cheese make butter may yaks make calling horns
Yak is life, Yak is love

I had a feeling this might be moved

your thread was merged here, as it seemed a good reason to resurface and discuss which of the mobs that have already been listed, as those folks would most like to see in upcoming alphas… :+1:

Obligatory wombat race is obligatory… :wink: