[MOD] NorseHearth 0.3 [A24]

O.o big spider…

I have displeased Mrs. Sabathius by drawing unpleasant and scarey things so in the interests of domestic harmony I bring you the fine warrior that is Quentin Paddleshield


please tell me you’ve read, and been influenced by Redwall… as Quentin would fit in quite nicely… :smile:

I am afraid I have not but I am aware of it. I am, however, a big fan of [URL=http://www.mouseguard.net/]Mouseguard [/URL]


Ducks with swords also feature the King of Dragon Pass (and Runequest, which the game is derived from). So bring on the armed ducks, I am all for them!

Ah, a duck clan, now I know what my first mod is going to be…



that duckie :heart_eyes:

this is looking really good i cant wait for it and the game to finish

Aww, look at the scary little thing!1@!!
Who is scary?! YOU ARE, yes YOU :heart:

I’ll be in London in 2 and a half hours.

Mrs. Sabathius is gonna have to shuffle up this evening.

As if I couldn’t love your models enough, you produce amazing drawings as well. You sir are topping my list of favouritest people.

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topping the list eh? just remember who is waiting back home…

p.s. i love his art more than you do… so, yeah…

I said animating would be fun and I was right… sort of :video_camera:


color me thoroughly creeped out… :scream:

nicely animated…

Not bad, not bad at all :wink:.

She is a bit stiff at the moment but time to add character later

nicely done and if you don’t mind be asking, how long did it take to get those legs animated?

Cheers, it took a couple of hours but a chunk of that was rigging. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be the leg motions are really straight forward when broken down.

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I really got a kick out of that titan. If you can imagine it, I’ve been called an arachnophile. (I know, I’m sick.) 8 legged animals really float my boat, especially tarantulas. The duck is cute too. And I thought the animation would be tough too, but I’m happy to hear it came out without a hitch. <3

pretty scary, a big spider on the monitor

Well @TobiasSabathius congratulations on ruining this person’s year
No spiders please

The spider looks creepily amazing, as always. Your cake is in the post.


blows the cobwebs away

Well it has been sometime but with the Alpha being release over the New Year I have had the opportunity to play with it a little.
Here is a little video of the little that I have managed so far…

This promises to be criminally fun :fallen_leaf: :wind_chime: :arrow_lower_left:

Till soon