[MOD] NorseHearth 0.3 [A24]


I just checked your page like an hour ago and left with a :fearful: 'cause I hadn’t seen an update in awhile. I shoulda known better though. :wink:

It’s lookin’ nice! Can’t wait to see more!


oh my sweet baby geezuz, it has begun! :+1:

welcome back @TobiasSabathius…the words escape me my friend…

moar please!


It’s looking great! Nice to see your still alive over there ;P, and I’m pretty sure this is the first object added to the crafting menus… can someone find another previous to this?


no sir, i believe you are correct… another testament to the awesomeness that is @TobiasSabathius

/gush mode off


@TobiasSabathius I believe a custom title is in order.

Don’t you @SteveAdamo?


This mod is amazing. As someone from Iceland i approve
though reading the names foe the classes is fun since we have these words like skald is skáld
goði was right we call jotun Jötun
This is why i love playing skyrim



Trying to add stuff to the crafting bench my self, but im getting stuck at decompiling the luac files, can i asked what you used? and how i should go about it? i have tralled the forums for hours now, and nothing has worked for me :frowning:


Surely in hours of trailing the forums, you’d have used the search feature? :wink:

Anyway, @Xavion made a thread on this just yesterday!


Well, I started yesterday morning writing an application which would copy the source to a new location un smod everything and then unLuac it … after wasting an embarrassing amount of time I noticed that RepeatPan over on StonehearthGuru has created a tool for doing all of the heavy lifting.

So I user this Unwrp many thanks RepeatPan


i had, and tryed that, i have the java sdk instaled, this still did not work for me


ok giving that ago now, thank you guys for the fast responces


Well my apologies for my rude remark then :wink:


@Smokestacks its fine, im not feeling great so my question was probably not asked the best way,

@TobiasSabathius ok so i tried that, i got half the files, and well not the ones i was after >.>

what i had done previously is used luadec and got a decompiled version of the carpenter file, then placing the unchanged file in to the stone hearth directory and some renaming as not to lose the original. i then started stonehearth and made a work bench. the game freezes as soon as that file is called.


oh, indeed! but what name could we possibly bestow that adequately conveys his level of awesomeness?

do we keep it simple, and go for something like “The Norseman”… “Odin King” … “The Allfather” (my personal favorite)… :smile:


id go with somthing a little more out there, you know something no one would get, some thing like Thor maybe :stuck_out_tongue:


WOW THE Allfather is gooood… don t know the english-ish word for it but In iceland Odins is a an ásaguð ruler ásgarðs
so maybe he would be name Ruler Of Asgard, I @TobiasSabathius could definitely find a suitable name


ooh diggin around in the code i figure out how to make a custom recipe… wow @TobiasSabathius you’re brilliant to have found this now i only need the home edition of cubicle constructor

@Smokestacks Yes i suppose i can wait :frowning: im replying here to avoid filling up the comments :smiley:


Or the Stonehearth edition of Qubicle that releases next week for just $11…:wink:


@TobiasSabathius you should make a throne, its seems the sitting on chair is in the rig of human and in the .json file of the chair is the entity data which seems to give an object the sitting “attribute”

“entity_data” : {
“stonehearth:chair” : {}

this is the guess of a noob so… be warned


Wait… what? :wink: