[MOD] NorseHearth 0.3 [A24]


@Tim over at minddesk is making an stonehearth version here is his post


Oh… haha! Thanks! :smiley:


Yupp, @Tim’s been awesome and is bringing out a super cheap version that means you can add models to Stonehearth. In order to keep any draw to his normal home version, he’s quite fairly excluded any other kind of export, so you wouldn’t be able to animate with the SH version of Qubicle, but if it was just people, Radiant (specifically Tom) has made it so that you should be able to make any human animations work on humans with the same proportions. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Too bad I pretty much suck at art. :stuck_out_tongue:


for what its worth, there are a handful of folks here, who claim to have zero artistic talent, and yet can create some absolutely brilliant models using qubicle…

i r envious…


I have zero artistic talent and I’m creating a mod requiring many qubicle models. My models aren’t the greatest, but I’m fairly proud of them. If there is hope for me, there is hope for you too! :smile:


Stop lying. I agree with Steve.


Hey now, you had to teach me a lot about shadows/light and colors. xD I’m not lying! :wink:


I feel it is my duty to report @TobiasSabathius for several counts of meeple abuse! He is doing Norsehearth tests on a teeny tiny test island WHICH HAS NO BERRIES and the poor little meeples are getting hungry and they’re crying! I can’t stand the crying, it’s so sad! *sniff*


Those meeples knew what they were signing up for and as they say “you can’t make a magical runestone infested Stonehearth Mod with out breaking eggs”

… at least I think that’s what they say :cry: :crystal_ball: :crying_cat_face:



wait a minute wait a minute… they’re called meeples ? or is that what you named your

I named mine hearthlings it was popular amongst the community


I already wondered where you were, same to @Froggy. And here you are :smile:
With some cool stuff already.


Idk, I like the sound of meeples. Hearthling just make me think of Stone zerglings coming out of an oven…


@SquareGabe Ooh, I just called them meeples out of habit! Hearthlings is a brilliant thing to call them! Although I will probably shout “Find the Hearthlings!” In my best Uruk-hai voice every time. (I daresay that joke has been made before.)

@TobiasSabathius You are a big meanie!


I almost died of laughter… took me a couple of minutes to reply
now that name is ruined for me :stuck_out_tongue:
It the 3 day of the year and i have already heard the best joke


Well… you’re not lying if you say you’re better then me in art. Admit it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol! :laughing: You’re the ultimate Uruk-hai… builds Carpenter and promotes @Squeekineeki to Uruk-hai


I have replaced my crappy place holder icon with some more befitting Stonehearth

Next I need to understand a little bit of how the code hangs together.

I am a complete duffer at coding generally so this should be a fun challenge, especially as I often cant work out whether I have introduced a crash or if it is the Alpha being amusing.
:confused: :confetti_ball: :coffee:



Those icons are nice!


you sir are inspirational !