[MOD] NorseHearth 0.3 [A24]


Jealous! Not sure what program you use, but I only have Gimp and I don’t know how to use it well. :frowning:


gahhh i feel like a noob, i have the item makeable by the carpenter, but it does not create the item when he is done. im missing somthing.


wholeheartedly seconded… i think is safe to say this mod will become a fairly permanent part of my SH landscape…


More pictures

Telling old tales round the fire…

The ring of stones glows with an eldrich light…
(I think alt-tabbing out killed the particle effects)

Stones in the dawn light

The aerial shot

Next up lets see if we can mock up a viking profession … (I have my doubts :smiley: )



@TobiasSabathius you excite me in more ways than I could ever let you know.

Mainly through issues of obscenity.

Everything is looking great so far! Look forward to the updates :slight_smile:


Looks like these old tales are all about food!
Storyteller: “The saga of the chicken leg” (As found in the prose Edda) "Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a brave and noble people who were ruled over by a wise and benevolent ruler who always ensured that the people had enough food and that this food was tasty, various and interesting…"
Hearthling 1: "Does anybody remember when we had anything else to eat but berries?"
Hearthling 2: "There IS no other food. There never has been. Other food is a lie. There is only berries!"
etc etc.


I realize it’s all baked in to the existing lighting engine, but I live how those stones cast shadows… looks ominous… in a good way… :smile:


Well I have had some success on the viking profession…

Start menu item added

Thought maybe a viking runestone is where you would pledge to be a viking… Probably just obsessing about runestones at the moment

A placed viking “runestone”, I know it looks like the carpenters workbench but just a place holder for now. Also the orientation of the sword is tied into the orientation of the model once it is attached to the hand bone and so an up right sword wont work for now (though it would look hella cool)

The promotion window thingy

The awesome cool promotion animation but the way that sword swings around damn dangerous

Speaking of dangerous a newly promoted viking leaping in the air sword unsheathed and everything

And a correctly labled viking and pretty viking clothes standing in a pile of wood

Apologies for the wall o’ pictures alot to show. hmmm maybe the best medium would have been a video. doh!



wow… this is pretty amazing, something i will have to watch!


Video of the above warts and all.


really? im the first to officially squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!11!

brilliant stuff @TobiasSabathius… just brilliant:+1:


DAM IT you beat me to first profession!


Great work. At the end was the viking running to the trees to chop some with that lovely new sword of her? :smile:


Yes, she was going to help out the workers as there not much vikinging to be done without the combat engine and mobs. :frowning:

But soon, oh yes sooooooon.


Maybe change the Carpenters Workshop to a stone and have the sword in the stone? It might make it look a bit more glorious, having a worker pull the sword out of a stone.


First thing I thought of after watching the video :laughing:


Well I beat you to the feedback… :wink:


no no no… thats for those wimpy Arthurian types… Vikings dont simply pull a sword from a stone… they pulverize said stone with a forehead slam, and then casually pick up the newly freed sword… :smile:


and make rock salad for the women while the men eat a whole pig carcass (not meant to be sexist)


Hm… That seems much better. Get on it, @TobiasSabathius!