[MOD] NorseHearth 0.3 [A24]


Sword in the woodblock was the initial intention but as I got messier and messier in the code it became clear that currently I would have to break workshops a bit too much as it is a bit ‘hard codey’.

When it is all implemented it will be almost trivial to change it all around :smile:, speed the day.

This is all getting very interesting, so much scope for playing with ideas.



The ambush


Does your talent know no bounds?!


Hmmm, just noticed they are both left handed.


Ah, yes.

Well that infatuation was short lived.

I’m not angry, just, seriously disappointed

unfavourites thread


I understand and there are no excuses


A love as strong as the one we had runs too deep to be lost, there will always be a part of me that is you.

Promise me you’ll never let it happen again and I might … might … forgive you.


The word left is stricken from my dictionary, and now it is all right.


Would a super quick way to change that not be to simply flip the image horizontally? :stuck_out_tongue:

Once again looking nice, definitely feels like Radiant concept art :slight_smile:


They’re not. They just focus on defence. … Damn peace loving hippies… :wink:


that’s my line! and, well… yes… what he said…

wicked sweet concept art!!! :+1:


I give you a left hand :thumbsup:. Great drawing.


“Why are you smiling?”
“Because I know something you don’t know.”
“And what is that?”
“I am not left handed!”


Ha ha! The Princess Bride reference! Nice.


It could be awesome if when you placed the rune stone you could write some text that would show when you clicked it


That is precisely the plan

The idea would be that as your settlement progresses the actions of the individuals will be more or less heroic.
If they reach a suitably heroic stature they will have a rune stone raised to them which will contain the deeds of the hero and will also possibly convey a buff.

I have about a dozen or more ideas related to this but some require some advanced modding skills and some simply require magic … so its for me to decide which is easier to learn. :smile:


Just pretend modding is magic, call yourself a wizard and see the peasants marvel at your sourcery. That solves that problem.


As long as I get a pointy hat i’m in


Sure, what color would you like?


The colour of uncaught exceptions, its my favorite