Any tips when thinking of making a custom race? / kingdom


Well I can always photoshop my own if you can’t find it but thanks for looking :), just don’t spend too much Time on it on my behalf!

Heh, which artist would this be :p?
Then I noww who to look at with pleading eyes after I make enough stuff :stuck_out_tongue: (models aren’t the problem, making them stand in a nice pose is for me :stuck_out_tongue:


@Avairian all worked out well so far, my people exists, they can farm… did not mess with merchants and quests yet but probably should at some point but:
hoe does raya’s children change the default worker outfits? i dont fully understand that part yet.
i know it has -something- to do with nordlingmod\jobs\worker\norselings_worker_description.json

but i dont fully grasp what is pointing at what… :confused:



If I am remembering correctly your norselings_worker_description.json will link to your worker_outfit alias. Then file is mixin the worker_description.json in the stonehearth mod to this file to pull in all the other info for the class.

I can better describe it when I get home in a few hours and look at my manifest.


had some help, my problem was in my population.json
“job_index”: “nordlingmod:jobs:index”,

was accidentally still “job_index”: “stonehearth:jobs:index”,

thanks @OwlGo


wow, thanks this was very helpful, got the images and everything up much easier than before, but I have one question. @Avairian how did you get the proper name to pop up on the kingdom selection? mine keeps coming up with just the line of code xD, am I perhaps writing this wrong?

ex: (myKingdom:data.myKingdom_population.displayName)


oops meant display_name* on there sorry.


should be

and in your mod there should be a folder called locals with a file in it called en.json with the apropriate stuff where that line points to (take rayas children or ascendencie’s language file as an example)


Ahh I see, thanks for the quick response! I’ll try this now


@Wouter_Sikkema thanks worked liked a charm!


you are welcome :slight_smile:
we learn togeather, just passing on the info :stuck_out_tongue:
what kind of race are you working on :slight_smile: ?


Temporary goblins till they get them in the game, wanted to try modding the game as well.


and you start with this :’) ? brave move XD


For anyone wondering what mine looks like now thanks to this helpful thread! :grinning:

As you can see I made some simple images using and mixing already existing images in the game files to create the kingdom images.


@Avairian my race currently doesnt have functional quests, if i temporarilly want to jsut give them the one from ascendency, how would i go about this? any hints?