Three Playable Kingdoms (or four?)

The Devs and Kickstarter community have made the three playable kingdoms available. I’m wondering how many people are interested in playing a vanilla race? Before the “three playable kingdoms” we would have gotten one race with no specialization or differentiation, I’d like to see that vanilla race also available.

I assume that that will be the race we get in the Beta, I hope that remains after the “the playable kingdoms” have been introduced.

What do you all think?

The Devs have said that the only difference between the three kingdoms will be that they have a different back story and colour of clothes, they’re trying to avoid doing what most companies do as they believe it would detract from the sandbox aspect by having certain buffs for races, though some point after release there will be a dwarf race released, though if you meant vanilla in the aspect of how they look then the Ascendancy (Green) would match the vanilla closest. As of races in total there have been three total conversion Mods being made which can be found here:
tobias’ norse men and women WIP

Moe2212’s Rome is coming

Reaper’s glitch in the sytem

though I do think having the choice of that vanilla race, with n specific colour system would be nice for realism (don’t know about you but I don’t fancy wearing the same blue as every other person in a town) :smiley:


You forgot about @GrimMethod’s Sungai Tribe Mod.

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I think Reaper is right. Having advantages and disadvantages for the Kingdoms would distract from the sandbox aspect.
The Question is then why having different Kingdoms? You could have one Kingdom, that is customisable or something.
And don`t forget, for divers abilities and building fun, there will be different races like the dwarfs (I am really looking forward having Dwarfs in the game)

we do know that each race will have “its own unique perks”, in addition to the their distinct backgrounds, visual differences, etc.

those unique perks will im sure be distinctive (and small) enough to encourage playing as each type, but not giving one an advantage over the other…

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Just to build on what Steve has said above, all the races will be customisable. The team really want it to feel like your story, and your experience every time you play - at least that’s the vibe I’m getting.

Having the three kingdoms for me allows that extra level of customisability and another level of story telling - each one would seem to have their own feel and you could either accentuate that or just ignore it.

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The idea of the Three kingdoms that adds most for me is the lore and culture aspect. A rich imagination will provide a connection with your people but the addition of a kingdom with written lore provides a culture and context. I am very excited to see what Stephanie, Tom and Tony come up with.

Having said all that, I once had a friend who would play games by mentally stripping away all the pretty until he was dealing primarily with the stats they represented but in the end he was playing a ‘Game of Spreadsheets’


The lore thing is really new to me.
Sandbox game with story sounds just awesome. I am not quite sure this comes together in the end. I was expecting to build some kind of “my one story” (like in CIV?!?!). But to start with a history and develop this further (diffent with every game I play, every decision I make) might be even more fun.

To be honest I was a bit sceptical about the hole Kickstarter thing. The people always have so great ideas and I am often not sure if they can deliver. But since the Alpha of Planetary Annihilation I am much more confedent, that all my Kickstarter I begged for are going to be just geat.

So I can’t wait to see more, especially the story.

You’ll be pretty happy then. The module system they plan to set up with the game will make all your decisions meaningful. The seasons bring caravans and your decisions decide how they react next year. In addition to all that you have procedural terrain and module generation and placement. This doesn’t count player made modules and AI Dungeonmaster events that trigger according to your progress and strategy. The idea is to have the game mold its difficulty and gameplay type around you, the player, as opposed to you forcing certain strategies upon yourself.

Granted this doesn’t mean you’ll breeze through everything, as the AI Dungeonmaster will be testing your defenses and whatnot. The idea is to have the game be as personal as possible though. Someone correct me if there’s false information in the first paragraph.