A train of thought on the 3 Kingdoms

I was mowing the lawn yesterday and thought back to when I made a couple tapestries for my ‘church’. It’s just a green hill and like… water? A wave? A figure sulking and walking away, cloaked in shadow?

I thought “I wish I knew how to mod these things. I’d make about 100 different art pieces. Each with a complex historical story to it, told in 256 pixels.”

Then, I remembered there will be 3 different kingdoms. Separate races with their own histories and stories and way of making things and OH MY GOLDEN RINGS! What if each Kingdom built things differently?

The Northmen would make simple ugly things at first. They are used to travel and know not to waste time on basics if they must move. But as time passes, and the threat of having to leave fades, the higher level things become gilded and decorated and more and more complex.

The Acsendancy would be as it is now. Basic. Strong. Wood and Stone. Beauty in purpose.

Raya’s Children are a bit harder to nail down. What little there is to read about them leads me to believe they are either very good craftsmen and merchants (Everything is so pretty! Why’s it so pretty?! Is that engraving on the wood fence? Why?! “They pay more.”) -OR- Everything is simple, zen, and plain in a beautiful way. “There is balance is everything.”

Makes me want a town with members of all three Kingdoms. I sure hope it’s not one at a time :frowning:


First of all thanks for the suggestion @SirStafford. There has not been many official references to the 3 kingdoms, we know that the hearthlings of each kingdom will have different names. (The community has given a lot of these names to Tom on the stream.) Team R has also said on numerous occasions that they didn’t want a substantial difference between the three kingdoms.

I’m going to quote someone who quoted radiant (not the strongest source, but I have no reason to doubt @virtualFudge

I’m not sure if building qualities are included in this. I have a feeling that the building mechanics will be nearly comparable. I say this for several reasons, 1. the team would have to rework the entire building menu 2. as I said above, they don’t want drastic differences between different kingdoms. 3. in the long run it will always come down to the players choice (especially with the slab option)

So although I agree, it would be cool with the varieties your mentioning, I doubt it will actually ever make it into the game.

Lol. I forgot all about Stonehearth until I got an email from Discourse this morning notifying me that I’ve been quoted. Not to hijack the thread or anything, how the heck did I end up getting quoted when I haven’t said anything in over a year? Also, what’s up everybody???

Back on topic. I did indeed hear radiant state the previously mentioned quote in one of their earliest streams back when I was paying attention to all this stuff. I got the impression that the differences between the races would be mostly cosmetic, however I imagine that they could also be stylistic. Perhaps like the differences between the races in Starcraft?

Anyhow, kinda nice to be reminded of this game. I was actually working on some mods when I left. Maybe I’ll get back to them and try the fame out again. When I last played it was barely playable. Much new?

I got a good 30 hours out of alpha 11 after I bought it before I ran out of new things to make/ quests to give myself and started building weird stuff. It’s good!

I have a good memory, I remembered that you had discussed this on the earliest “3 kingdoms” post. Hence why I quoted you.