(First Mod Ever) (WIP) Bunny Quest

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Well the first piece of Bunny Quest is complete. The Legends Tome has been voxel’d, inconic’d and implemented into the game stand alone as a single item at this time. Now the idea of this tome is to inform you of Epic Quest’s and possible treasures across the land that you in habit. What i want to do is create a in game month based event that appears when the time is just right. Reading the book at this time will inform you that there is a nearby settlement/dungeon/landmark worth checking out. But the risk may be great, although the rewards will be that of legends. I personally think every game needs a little adventure in it. So collect your fiercest warriors and get ready for a challenge you will never forgot. The plan is to do the whole thing. After spending 16 hours on this i do believe i have gotten ALOT better at spotting errors and how the script compiles for placeable items.

List To Do.

Stay tuned because im ramping the difficulty with this one. I plan to make hard look like a walk in the park. I suspect threre will be many more things to come from the developers with the game so im just gonna do all the basic necessities first. The final release will be when the majority of the script has be cemented into the game. After all, once you have all the pieces of the puzzle and the picture to match its fairly accomplish-able. I’ll try to keep a github up to date with what has been completed, if you intened on using anything i have crafted please inform me first and tag the appropriate creator.


Im making the epic boss’s right now. Can you guess what this is a part of? I really like the medieval lore back in the day i cant remember much of it anymore. But i do remember these 4 terrifying figures that may be raiding you one day. Hear’s a sneak peak. Im going ham on voxels right now.


2 weapons are added into the game now. they are currently craftable they are a little game breaking at the moment but the stats will change a little further down the road as finish the cross and bow. Tested on most recent steam beta build and everything seems to work. Its not alot though keep that in mind. One decoration and 2 weapons of the gods.

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