MOD - Anórien Biome

Never heard of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
No, honestly I haven’t ^^ But I will check it out :+1:

Probably possible with modding .lua files then… I will check this later.


It ends up there is no need to mess with lua files. We can do with common .json. The game was recognizing only 8 rock layers right? I thought it was hard coded in lua, but there is another file that controls it. It is in the stonehearth/data/terrain/terrain_blocks.json.

At that file, you just need to add the extra layers (you had a max of 42 if I’m correct, but with all the randomness it only reach around layer 30 I think)

  "rock_layer_8" :       { "tag" : 108, "kind" : "rock" },
  "rock_layer_9" :       { "tag" : 109, "kind" : "rock" },
  "rock_layer_10" :       { "tag" : 110, "kind" : "rock" },

Just don’t repeat the numbers (108,109, 110) cause they are identifiers.

Add it to your manifest as:

"mixintos" :  {
  "stonehearth:biome:index": "file(data/biome/index.json)",
  "stonehearth:terrain_blocks": "file(data/terrain/terrain_blocks.json)"

And at your biome file (anorien.json), just add the colors you want as:

     "rock_layer_8": "#997e73",
     "rock_layer_9": "#0000ff",
     "rock_layer_10": "#997e73",

got the mod :smiley: looks verry nice D:

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@BrunoSupremo Superb! -Your help is warmly welcomed :relaxed:
My apologies for the late reply, -it might take a few days between.

I have yet to work with any .lua file so I’m glad to avoid it for now :smile:
(what editor do you recommend for .lua files? -I would like to learn)

Tomorrow I will try to work more on the biome, (hopefully alot more! hehe).
:+1: :+1:


Thank you! -I’m glad you like it (=
I read all posts, so positive feedback gives motivation and is greatly appreciated! :relaxed:
(Though it might takes a while between my answers :+1: )



Worked like a charm!
-Thank you, much obliged :+1::+1: :sunny:

A screen from my MOD as is (2016-05-29):

It will be really fun to see what settlements this might inspire! (=


I need to use this biome for one of my castles! Great Work!
So little time… :cry:

Have Fun, Kyth.


Thank you! @Kythandra :smile:
Can’t agree more on that, Time evaporates too quickly :disappointed_relieved:

The white mountains looks so good!

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@BrunoSupremo Thank you! :relaxed:

Quick Question, when will you continue the Archipelago Biome mod?

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My priority for now is the template sharing site. That thing is haunting me for not completing it yet. So after that for sure.


@Vargbane I love this mod, the mountains are a very safe place for those who need a little extra protection :slight_smile: The update is very pretty!

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I just realized that this biome reminds me of the landscape from Dragon Ball!

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Aha, -I thought you asked me ^^D

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Glad you like it! :smiley:

I’m not to familiar with Dragon Ball, only seen a few funny clips on YouTube (=

Hey, maybe you should look it up, for ideas :slight_smile:

Here is a screenshot using your Biome, its still a work in progress. I am very much enjoying it.


Red ore veins??? @Vargbane @Geokhan

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