(Discontinued) Building Colors v3.0 [A23+] & Clay Gen [A23+]


This is amazing! Thanks @Kittyodoom


These look awesome,

I know roofs are a future project but do they function for stairs? (I’m working on my early game buildings and tents have been my best bet so far.)

Either way totally on my shopping list once I decide to start adding mods to my vanilla.


I never tried stairs, but it looks like they should!


The download is not available :frowning:


That’s because I stopped updating this thread; the mod is moved over here now:
Kitty’s Mod Collection

It’s available under the Version 1.1 tab right now, though I might be able to have the 2.0 uploaded shortly once I make the last few fixes needed.

I will now be updating this thread again, for the sake of having the fuller amount of information in one place. My mod collection will serve as an index of my mods, housing a link to the mod threads and a direct download; it will also hold the information in full for smaller mods.


Building Colors mod now updated for Alpha 23

  • Mod updated to version 3; see top post for details and download


Yay Kitty! Downloading now! I consider it my essential mod.


Small update: Claygen side mod had a typo. If you downloaded the first version, your grass won’t drop anything - please re-download to get the corrected version.

(Thanks, @BrunoSupremo)


Now on Steam


Is this compatible with the new builder?


No idea, but unlikely. I haven’t even looked at the files for the new builder yet.


I think it should be compatible?
I’ve seen other devs using the terrain colors mod with the new builder, so hopefully you won’t need to update the files too much.


I’m not sure when this happened - I thought there were colour names for your beautiful colours (I could be wrong) but this is what’s showing now:

Playing on unstable


Drats, thank you for your report!

Looking into the Building Colors with the latest unstable is next in my queue, already have another reported issue involving the new builder than I need to look into; will hurry up the last touches with the current project so I can jump into that.


Final update posted to Steam, changing the local folder to the mod name rather than the workshop number.