Help Needed for Update

For those not familiar with my Building Colors mod, it adds a big suite (a good few hundred colors across four materials) to the builder, to have a lot more diversity.

While I have a more complex update in mind involving making new materials for the new colors, I do want to see if a simpler one is possible first.

Here is a screenshot of the reported issue:


(Don’t mind the names clearly being broken; I did manage to fix that right away once I saw it)

But as you can see, with the new builder, the list is too long - you can’t even reach the wood material icon. With base testing, stripping down the colors (to just the Extended & Terrain colors), it shrinks down plenty. So my complex solution should definitely work. However;

Would it be possible to just change the UI, so you can scroll up to reach the materials (and potentially some colors that are likely cut off as well)? Or maybe make it wider - having more in a row would make for fewer columns?

As I’ve stressed in other places, I’m not much of a coder and don’t really know what I’m doing, so I don’t know how to go about this on my own. But if someone can throw their hat in the ring and give me directions of where to look, what to do, I’ll be most ecstatic to learn.

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I saw this too, trying to use your mod, which is why it’s fixed in r838 (currently on unstable).


Now I need to zoom off to check that, thank you :heart:
Also, eyiee, you use my mod! fainting cat