Future city biome?

For a long time I had this sketch idea of using the tesselation rings (the colored borders) to create roads. Then I started thinking about some apocalyptic future biome, with ruined cities, broken lamp posts, road signs, etc…

I just now got frustrated working in another mod, so to relax I started this, to see what it could turn into.

Any thoughts?


not sure im a fan of the roads, i think maybe they need to be more broken up if possible?
And less trees and green in my opinion.

would need like dead trees i think or something.

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Yeah, I just added the grass. It was all grey before. Was trying multiple things. For some reason I was not getting the plains (only foothills), so the grass was more of a visual way to detect it, as before all layers were equal.


I think that you should make the water look poisoned/muddy.


Wow, thats such a cool idea. I really need to delve into the terrain generation at some point.


great idea! i would definitely love to see more of this in the future

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That’s extremely interesting, and I can indeed see cool potential for a futuristic city biome.

However, another thought which comes to mind is a ruined fantasy city, with dirt or stone roads and sections of tumbled down wall; all being reclaimed by nature (trees and vines growing through things, random patches of grass, and so on). The ruins might be from an ancient Pheonix Empire city, so there would be a distinct style to the ruins/buildings and the piled-up nature of terrain would actually work in favour of the aesthetic, since it would look like the city was built up over centuries with new buildings jammed into whatever space was available.

In fact, such a biome (either futuristic or fantasy setting) could also include set-pieces (i.e. reskinned trees or bunny statues) to provide the ruined buildings, which would allow players to demolish the ruins and literally rebuild from the rubble.

Very cool idea, and if you do decide to take it further then I’m excited to see how it turns out… if it’s anything like your canyons, it should be awesome to see!


Yeah, a fantasy city would be way more interesting (for game-play) because it could fit within the lore and have a playable terrain. While this experiment I did would require a whole mod to better fit that style.

I did some models (I’m not a good artist!) and added to the map generation, I liked the result (although the assets all look new instead of old).


If you want to go for a post-apocalyptic feel, then you can simply change what’s lying around – rusted car bodies, bags of trash… basically, anything you’d find in Rust of 7DtD, LOL!

The nice thing about having such “natural items” is that you’d be able to dramatically change the progression by making different resources available more easily. For example, iron (scrapped/salvaged and turned back into ingots) would be pretty common, and trash bags could have a long list of random loot drops which each have a small chance… so there’s a 10% chance of finding anything from a spoon to log to a plush rabbit, or even a helmet.

Using the different terrain bands to generate specific items looks like it’ll work pretty well though – you’ll just have to make sure the street signs can’t generate in the middle of the road hahah

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What’s great is that a fair number of the new desert critters would feel right at home in a barren city environment. So do we have any vault dweller outfits for our Hearthlings I mean Vaultlings yet? :wink:

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