Sakura Theme - 🌸

So, I’m cleaning my mod folder. I erased so many empty or useless mods. One of those was this Sakura biome. It had a few things in it like bamboos near water but was essentially the same thing as the temperate biome. So to avoid releasing just another generic biome, I turned this into a theme that you can apply to your temperate biome.

Download: sakura_theme.smod

So, this is how it works:

  • Trees that are born green will be green forever. So applying the theme to an existing world will not change the old trees to pink. Sorry.
  • But trees that are born pink, will always remember being pink. This mean that if you remove the mod, although they will go back to green, re-adding it later will make them pink again.

If no bugs happens (or suggestions received) it is basically ready for Steam Workshop.

With this I realized that I will not be making new biomes anymore, unless it is something really different, like a sky biome (oops, spoilers).
Creating biomes with just small variations is just too much effort for too little results.
I guess I’ll be focusing on “add-ons” for now. Giant map mod, rivers mod, oasis mod, sakura mod, caves mod, etc…


I just want to thank you for all your work, Bruno. It’s been lovely to have all these choices of places to build in. :merry: