Fornjotr - Models mod R004

TAG: swamp.

the nomnom plant:

nomnom_plant.qb (488.3 KB)


1st, it’s a reference to pokemon. I know it! xD
2nd, it looks so sweet. Do I really have to kill these later in the swamp :glum:?
3rd, awesome name xD

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i dont know any pokemons other than pikachu, but if there is one called nomnomplant i might need to change the name?
Tank you, i really like it myself, and we kill the goblins even though they are so cute… :jubilant:

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No there’s not but there is a group of pokemon based around the fly-eating plant that you made (it has the same flower on the top at least as I can remember :stuck_out_tongue:)

Jeah some goblins are very cute… That’s why I build walls around my bases so they go around my base and I don’t have to kill them^^

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It is pokemon like and it is definetly in the old mario brothers platformers spitting little ol mario.
I dont know the name there but it looks the same.

TAG: swamp.

Sooo i am deep in the swamp at the moment to learn how such a place could look like and to my surprise i stumpled into this fellow…the swamp bear!
Ok a while ago when i just started out in magica voxel, i made a bear and now that i am working in qubicle and have gotten a bit more knowledge i wanted to try and build a creature with multiple matrixes.
@Hyrule_Symbol, you talked about in another thread a while ago, that you could animate things right? Would you be interested in givng breath to this creature?


swamp_bear.qb (62.7 KB)


How did you Buy qubicle? or what’s the cheapest place? I am student and 20€ is just too much for buying it just for having fun and a proof that my model skills are close to -1

Btw. the color doesn’t look really… swampy(?) It looks like a polarbear fell out of the north/southpole (sorry, I’m not good with geography) and fell into a bathtub filled with mud. that’s the grey ^^ :3

still, that bear looks sweet

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sure thing!

i have a few problems though

  1. all the matrixes should not have any spacial characters like the underscore [ _ ]
  2. all matrixes should have the same bounding box (the yellow square that surrounds the model up there

the names have to be fixed manually, i could do that for you if you want (organize them while doing so)

but the latter has to be done on your side if we want to save time
i believe Magica has an export option that sets the bounding box to the whole area of the model

also, how functional does this bear have to be? (can it fight? eat ect)

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  1. ah the names of the matrixes right? i did not even notice i could name them, but i will do that then.
  2. so basicly a matrix that soround them all or what do you mean?

Since i dont know what it takes to animate or dont even know how or with what programs its done im kinda lost, but i am always ready to learn new skills and knowledge!

Edit: oh and what the bear should be able to do, is firstly to to walk around, but if you can make it fight and eat berries it would be awesome!

Could I suggest something? I really would like to give the bear sugar and / or honey :no_mouth:

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i bought qubicle on steam, the cheap version for 20 euro. i was so tired of not being able to do what i wanted with magica voxel and if you can put away a few euros here and there, i bet you can afford it in no time. In that time, magica voxel is great to learn the basics and get some sculpting done.

I decided on purpose that i did not want the bear to be brown or black, so i googled some images and found this :

if the swamp is going to contain beehives or wasphives it could very well be that the bear could seek these out for honey?

Jeah but I could buy a 2nd copy of stonehearth with 20€, for example ._. or other things. The thing is I actually have 100€ that I could use but the problem is that it’s on my Amazon account because I had to reclaim the money for a product that didn’t work but I can’t use this money on steam so… jeah.

Why not? A swamp bear actually is black. That what you have is a tundra bear

That’s a swamp bear

I know It wouldn’t look good if you just would make it black but I would suggest taking a darker gray instead of the whitish - warmgray thing (even though the warm touch fits good)

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yes, models can be named and it usually doesn’t matter when you make still entities like furniture, but it does when you want to animate them because the game, for some reason, doesn’t want to read all that
if you’d wish, i could organize them for you, no pressure, but experience is good too

the bounding box is the box that surrounds the matrix
if the bounding box is different from one another, they tend to bugg out in-game and mess up all animations made for them

if you’re using qubicle, toggle off optimize size or something of that sort
i believe magic has a Set Bounding box ot grid or something of those sorts that fix thees

in the end, when you import your .QB back into QC,the box should be more like this

oh, do you want to learn how to do it?
from the upper post, i assumed you were requesting animations, if you want i’d be more than happy to guide you through the steps (gotta get the video made but for now, eh)
calls are optimal since, y’know, expressions are a thing, but i don’t really care, i could help you via anything

the most basic of an entity is to idle, and walk around, them most complex is like a hearthling where they can do anything, and for a more big creature like this one most animations are pretty simple to make and cheap on effort


Pretty sure that FX is a polarbear/blackbear hybrid right now.

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i might reconsider after looking at that picture. maybe there could even be a vararity of colors…

It would be an idea to give them variation. Like both bears and maybe some mixed with different patterns or sth like that

i would love to learn how to animate myself at some point, but why i tagged you this time, was to hear if you wanted to do it for me :merry:

I am still a bit confused about the bounding box and matrixes. is the bounding box something else than a matrix?

ah, no problem, i’d be happy to animate them for you, and let me know when you wish to learn how to do it yourself :jubilant:

the bounding box is… well, if you’re using QC2 which is the only version of steam, it might be displayed a bit differently from what i have here, perhaps you can post an image of the whole screen with the model displayed and another with the export window, and we could figure out the difference


Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the bounding box is the box where everything is in. That’s like the borders of your stonehearth world: you can’t have anything outside of it - except matrixes (is this the plural?). Matrixes aren’t cubes so they can go outside of the bounding box.

The problem with qubicle is that it wants to optimize your work so it just makes the bounding box big enough so everything you mate fits in but it ignores matrixes. And matrixes don’t like to be outside of the bounding box so you have to disable “auto optimize” and make the bounding box big enough so every matrix is completely inside of the bounding box