[MODS] Great Coltini's Great Mods (V0.16 - THE 'FINE' UPDATE!)


I cannot find the librarians book? It says the carpenter makes it but I do not see it. Everything else working.

Current mods:

Locks of many hair
Locks of many clothing
Locks of many hair NC.
Expanded Item Catalog
Stonehearth Expanded
Terrain Colors


Took Ballista out didn’t change anything. There is a “book” under utility but doesn’t seem to be the correct one to hire a librarian.


My mistake! I forgot to add the Librarian’s Book to the recipes.json for the Carpenter. The files were all there, and I was able to spawn it in. However, at the moment the Librarian has no function as I have not worked out how I want the Librarian to work. In the next update I will be adding in the taxidermist who is taking the statues and impaled heads recipes and will be upgraded from the Carpenter. In this next update I will probably remove the Librarian from the promotion tree unless I have some purpose for them.

I apologize sincerely for this, unless you explicitly want the Librarian in, but he currently cannot even build any items.

I should have a new build up by tonight, featuring the taxidermist, along with several more statue recipes.

Here are some pictures associated with what is being added:

Animals and Creatures Added

Taxidermist Crafting List

In terms of other information, the Mage’s fireball should be updated in the current build, as well as I believe further additions to the build I will be uploading.


I see that you had the same idea as me. I have a collection of stuffed animals ready as well and are almost ready to be uploaded xD. I have a stuffed version of every small animal and a wall mounted head of every enemy.

Keep up the great work!


awsome mod for how it is now, but i would like to add an idea to the mage at level 6 it can shield one soldier for a certain amount of time/damage or the librarian to make a potion to shield one hearthling


That’s a wonderful idea, and I will put it up for consideration when creating the Mage’s abilities.

Whilst it might not fit with my current intentions for that mage class, if I expand the mage tree into multiple types of magic classes I imagine I could try and implement it there as well.

Regarding adding it to the Librarian, I want to avoid making the Librarian function similarly to the herbalist -> I’m more interested in some new type of impact the Librarian could have on the gameplay such as a research system of some sort.

Again, very good idea though, and I will definitely keep it in mind!


wel i have 1 more idea and that is making an upgrade for the archer, a
crossbow, it would have shorter range and cant use the spacial arrows but
it would do more dammage and like at lvl 6 or so it would attack 2 targets


That is a great idea, and one that I was planning on doing. It is one that would take me some time, as I haven’t had any experience with animating.

My plan for that was to make a specific class that would be a promotion from the Archer-> Crossbowman, and to change up how the archer functions as well. In the future, I intend on the Archer being a high rate of fire ranged attacker effective against unarmored foes, with the Crossbowman being a high damage dealing ranged attack that is especially effective against armored foes. The Crossbowman would also have different armor - being able to equip heavier armor as he is less focused around kiting.

Thank you very much for your input, again!


I wouldn’t want you to stop your own pursuit because of mine! Feel more than free to keep doing what you want to do, don’t feel inhibited because I have it in my mod. I’m sure there is uniqueness to your mod such that perhaps the public would want yours over mine for their own reasons, y’know?

Anyways, in terms of a quick update, I am going through all the Statues and adding ‘fine’ versions of them. Here is the general idea I am working through for them:


Amazing and fun mod! I have a wee question; what if I wanted just the cool stone beds & the mage? I mean no disrespect at all, just don’t really plan to make a billion stuffed orc head thingies.


Am I able to get a librarian as of March 4th 2017? The crafting menu is there (of course greyed out) and I was wondering if it was added yet.


Just popping it out there i have the same name as u colton! Im too cheap to get a game maker rn but when i do it will be less of a mario and more of a really bad game… But still great work keep it up!


I love the mod absolutely love it. Unfortunately I cannot seem to promote the hearthlings to your jobs?
Is that something that just isn’t working for me or am I missing something


If the jobs from the mod don’t appear in the promotion window, @GreatColtini needs to update the mod.
There was a recent change in the job description json file that added a “display_order” field, which is needed for displaying them in the tree.


I love the mod!

I can’t promote to any of the Jobs?
Also when herding the cow with the shepherd, the shepherd gets glitched and stops moving towards where the cow needs to go.

I do have alot of other mods for alpha 21 installed so the cow one could be my fault but the jobs don’t work on basic stonehearth with only this mod installed.

Any Updates on fixing this or news would be most welcome


The shepherd being stuck has almost always something to do with the BS.smod and Cookingmod.smod I believe. Check the thread for the specifics as you might miss a file or update along the way.
Since the patch a few months ago most people seem to have resolved the issue by reloading on the newer mods.

Hope it helps.


Any idea if this mod is going to be updated for A23? I miss my cows!!


Is this mod compatible with A23 ?


I’ve been tinking here and so far, it is not A23 compatible. I’ll let you know if a) I can hork it into shape and b) if @GreatColtini will permit me to share.

(That’s your cue man. There’s taxidermy to be done.)


This was an a20 mod. It is outdated for more than a year already.