Tree Stump Mod 🌱


Oh, isn’t how it is already? Let me check.
Edit: Yep, it is already like this, the stumps give 1 log each. :smile:


Yea… im blind xD
BTW how many m8ds have u made?


can you leave links to them?


In alphabetical order:

And last this one, the Tree Stump mod.

Pawel's Mod Corner: Autoharvest, Biome Crops, LostEms & others

Thanks dude, now to see if my game will break xD


I guess, it is time for you to set up a BrunoSupremo Mods Overview Page :jubilant:


@BrunoSupremo: would you mind if I added the component into Pawel API but renamed to spawn_on_kill? This has way more uses than just leaving tree stumps behind.

@coasterspaul: use Integer Scale function instead :wink:


Sure. This could be used for anything really. It is just a matter of setting what will spawn when the item is destroyed.


do the trees respawn? if not can it be an option? I’d like to make a permanent tree farm that regrows instead of having to place new ones each time. that would be great


Should all stumps regrow into trees? Or just oak and acacia as they are the only with saplings.
I will make this regrow “option” as a add-on for the stump mod. I can’t think of a better way to do it…


that would be awesome. I like aesthetics but when it comes with bonus functionality it becomes a must have

oh and probably just the planted ones, or you couldn’t build anywhere on the map right? unless you can permanently remove the stumps as well. that might actually be the best thing if you can do it



I added the sub mod in the first post. It should make all stumps grown into a small tree in 2 days.

You can. Just harvest it.


sorry I didn’t read the whole thread last time I replied. I thought you didn’t get wood from the stump but I see you’ve been busy :slight_smile:


gonna play with this from now on, hope there are no problems with adding it to an existing game ?
if its a balance issue I can always turn it on late game, but honestly I think having to manually plant trees is just an annoyance because there is nothing in place to regrow a biome over time in vanilla, which I think should definitely be looked into if biomes do become a thing, because otherwise you can destroy the things that make the biome recognizable and it would be very strange looking


why not just extend the time it takes to regrow? make it like, 5 days or something like that? try making variants like a 2 day, 5 days, 7 days, 2-week version or something like that. I honestly wish that mods had settings in the game to tweak so one can balance it as they wish.


yeah instead of just a check box for the mod tab, to be able to like expand the mod and adjust the settings in game would be sweet, but I think thats a ways off


anyway I did some googling

and the ratio for tree growth is 1:2:3

juniper 10y
oak 20y
acacia 30y
pine 30y
~give or take 5 years

translated into the game? instead of years make these days. if its too long, make it half the time. seems reasonable since every tree will do this. I imagine you would still want to plant a tree farm somewhere more convenient and space efficient so I see nothing but good things from having this mod

one idea to further balance it is to adjust wild tree growth and planted tree growth separately. so that wild trees take longer to grow, but a farm takes less.


this would work flawlessly in with the forester class if anyone ever resurrects it. One can make it so that the forester chops down the trees but NOT the tree stumps and have the forester tend to the stumps until they regrow and then voila, chop them down again. The forester could also maybe be related to the carpenter class in that they can craft some (not all) of what the carpenter can craft on its own workbench like chairs and tables. Tho that’s a discussion for the carpenter class thread I guess. Not that anyone seems to have the intention of actually bringing it back. sigh sigh


so what I did is make a template for placing trees
3x3x2 so you got 18 trees and can make log piles super easy. the squares are 4x4 and the gap is 2 between each square

tree farm (28.6 KB)


Hi, I’m new here (and don’t know how to make/edit mods) can someone make these 2 mods compatible with MOD - Anórien Biome. Thank you in advance