Tree Stump Mod 🌱


just a friendly reminder to eventually add this to steam workshop!
for those that are wondering this still works in alpha 24 test version, you just have to manually add it to the mods folder

tree_stump_regrow.smod (1.7 KB)


Sure. It is a small and finished mod, doesn’t require any maintenance.
I will just give a final clean up and later I can upload it there in Steam.


I still have the old regrow code as well, I can’t seem to find it on this thread tho. added it to my previous post


yes please! this one is always very flavourfull! @workshop


How can i add this mechanic to the new Arctic biome and its trees ?


Without this mod, it requires creating and adding a component to the trees that will run code when they “die”, this code will add the stump in its place.

With the mod, don’t worry, I’m going to add it, right now. proceeds to work on it

Question: Should all/any tree have this? (including any mod)
For those not properly setup it would be just a default stump instead of a custom one.


i thought the arctic biome whas vanilla ^^
is the question meant for me ?


arctic is vanilla, but it uses new trees that are not yet recognized by this mod.
The question is open to anyone willing to answer :slight_smile: Because I have to manually add the stump models, it would be a colossal work to create stumps for all trees, including from other mods. So the idea was to use a generic model for everyone (that hasn’t its own yet)


Ah yes, well two stumps would be enough
the generic for medium and large pine trees and a single block for small pines and juniper i suppose


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

It is still basically the same.

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:


  • All trees now have stumps when cut. Those without a proper stump model for its type will just use a generic model. (All vanilla trees have custom stumps)
  • Removed their ability to regrow into saplings. Not needed anymore as we have a proper game mechanic for that now using seeds, and also because the same stump can be used in multiple trees, so there is no easy way to know to which tree it should grow to.


if another mod had custom trees, can they mod this mod to add in the custom stumps?


@illdred - That is definitely possible, yes :smiley:

Sorry to reply to this question on your thread, Bruno - but I also came to comment that I didn’t know how much I needed this mod until I tested it!
Thank you! :merry:


Even simpler. In the tree itself, add to its entity_data:

	"entity_data": {
		"tree_stump:stump_data": {
			"stump_alias": "tree_stump:trees:juniper:medium:stump"

Replace tree_stump:trees:juniper:medium:stump with the alias of your custom stump.


Just a minor report:
Acacia stumps seem to be a little offset with their position
And when chopping stumps you can still see the leaves falling/smoke effect in the middle of the air, maybe change it to a common resource node (like piles) in terms of animation?

And finally, they have no description at all - albeit not really needed, it feels a bit off since pretty much everything we click in the game has a small description, even if obvious like “A small boulder” :blush:

Other than that, amazing mod! So simple yet so cool, I’ll always use it from now on!


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:


  • Fixed all reported errors.
  • Fixed missing stump for sapling
  • Added compatibility patch to ace, to avoid that mod doubling the stumps when both are active.


I know you sent a comment about updating the tree stump mod but i already have latest and i have seen those small stumps from oak trees again. Not sure why it happens if it has to do with seasons because today when i recorded i noticed some oak tree stumps was suddenly thin stumps.

It could also maybe be that those oak stumps spawns those other smaller thinner stumps when i harvest them. That’s what looks to have happen when i rewatch the video im editing atm.


There was a bug with tree stumps we had to fix in ACE - It might be that

apparently when a game is loaded, all trees are given the stump component - and that includes stumps that already exist, so if a game with stumps is loaded, these stumps will leave new stumps when cut. A fix is to not treat stumps as trees (by removing the tree mixin) :slight_smile:


Oh ok :slight_smile: was a bit confused why it was happening nothing troublesome of a bug anyway :slight_smile:


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed bug that would cause stumps on reload to be considered trees again and yield another stump when cut.