Season mod 🍂


yeah you’re probably right. Maybe I could have something have way in between the fully leaved oak tree and the winter dead tree?


Do you mean the oak tree slowly looses leafs? Yeah, that’d be great…


Or it starts getting leaves back in the spring something like this maybe? Small_Oak_Spring.qb (1.1 KB)


Actually @raze I took inspiration from actual trees changing color and simply re-colored the models from the base game (ty TR) one thing i’ve noticed is too bright of colors don’t seem to go very well with the visual dull-ness of the colors ingame and i tried my best to match it. They were mainly for bruno to test with anyway. :slight_smile:


I did the exact same, tho it seems we’ve looked at different images :slight_smile:

How are stonehearth colors dull? O.o The terrain is bright green, some of the trees are, too. The roofs are very light colors, all the wood colors are light too, etc. Might just be persepctive, but I think, light, saturated colors fit SH more than dark, dull ones, because it’s a rather happy, friendly and cute game… :thinking:


I know back in the old dev streams Tom pointed out that even though Stonehearth looks pretty bright and colorful with all the effects put on on top of it, the colors are actually a lot less saturated than they appear. What looks like slightly bright colors in modeling software can look downright glowing compared to the Stonehearth palette.


Oh, okay, I didn’t know that and never noticed that effect. Might have to look deeper into it, thanks for correcting me…


I would have to agree with the color comments. I have been creating my own color mods to add into the game. and it isnt the easiest to find the right bright colors that still fit into stonehearths color pallet.


I quite noticed whilst testing:

The trees might need a little darker color, yes, I just never noticed before.


where did you get your color pallet from?

I took my brighter orange yellow colors right from the sun icon and this is what it gave me

Sun Bright Yellow: #ffd912
Sun Light Yellow: #ffea5c
Sun Dark Orange: #e98121
Sun Light Orange: #ffb400

not sure if that may work from something closer to what you are wanting. but they are stonehearth colors.

honestly they dont look bad to me. but some seem to have to much contrast between the orange and yellow.


Uhm… I always pic my colors myself, I never use colors aready in the game, because I most of the times don’t even make models for Stonehearth :glum:

Ye, I noticed too, but i tried to make all ´3 tree versions look different to make it more appealing, but Iit was harder than thought to make 3 versions :merry:


it is a good start that is for sure! :smiley: keep going!


Mod Updated

At the first post

What changed:

  • Added new autumn oaks, from Raze
  • Added autumn silkweeds, from Omegasa
  • Added option at the user_settings.json to change the duration of each season.


Oh, almost forgot, here are the models for the medium oak trees;
medium_oak_tree_autumn.qb (288.1 KB)
medium_oak_tree_autumn_2.qb (288.1 KB)
medium_oak_tree_autumn_3.qb (288.1 KB)
I didn’t have any time to change the colors yet tho, so they are still a bit bright.


I did the large Oak trees too, so the oak tree set is complete, but I haven’t changed the color scheme yet, because I’m simply too lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

large_oak_tree_autumn.qb (288.1 KB)
large_oak_tree_autumn_3.qb (288.1 KB)
large_oak_tree_autumn_2.qb (288.1 KB)


also reply to @BrunoSupremo

Do the current tree models have internal branches (that you could exclude from the colour mapping)?
If so, that could make an interesting effect when you put the leaves at 100% trasparency, making them appear and all.

(or is that so obvious I just made a fool of myself)


I do not know how to make of mod or all which touches the computing ^^ but it rather left well, it is really great, courage in all those which works above or which help as they can


@nikosthefan at the moment transparency isn’t a thing within the api, @MelOzone would be able to shed more light on that though. As far as internal branches it’s possible to make them but the base model doesn’t have any inside it as of yet.


Looks like a forest of candy corns.


Heh, yes xD. I have never seen any in person, but yes, seems like it.
Another reason to darken them down a bit.